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Play this Amazing Offline PC Game on Android which exactly played and looks like better version of Stardew Valley on Android. Released on PC and Consoles in 2019 this indie game is finally available on Android with amazing Touch Controls and its rich gameplay contents.
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Nov 1, 2022
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“My Time At Portia APK Edition” is a role-playing offline premium game with adventures and cartoon elements developed by Nuverse. Portia is a simulation RPG game, the world background of the entire game is set as a new world rebuilt on a piece of wasteland. In this new world, the population is relatively sparse, and the remains of previous civilizations can be seen everywhere.

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Game story:-
“Portia Time” is a simulation business RPG game originally developed by Pasiya Technology. The Story is simple The Civilization is perished and what left is their remains. Relying on the output of these relics, civilization is slowly recovering.  The Story takes place in Portia Town where you need to collect different relics and materials and build your own village. Gather Resources and fight evil enemies in order to protect your Portia Town.

Game Features:-
Its an open world offline android game where you can talk to different NPCs and follow their stories. Each NPC have their own story to tell and you can even marry your favorite NPCs. Its an open world free to explore game where you have to carve your own Stories.

In this open game world, players can collect resources by cutting trees, gathering, and mining. There are also some different areas around Portia for players to explore, such as deserts, islands, reefs, highlands, swamps… and so on, and each area has its own unique monsters and output. There are also two different types of ruins in the game. Players can collect ores and resources from abandoned ruins, and they can also fight monsters in dangerous ruins and obtain rare pre-civilization creations.

What's new

New updates:
1. 28 sets of new outfits for characters and NPCs available in store!
2. Resolved issues related to some devices freezing at loading
3. Resolved the non-refresh issue related to certain resource upgrade locations
4. Text optimizations
5. Fixed the issue with male character displayed as female characters


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70 comments on "My Time at Portia APK Android Game 1.0.11268"

  1. Clara says:

    Mod money RG pretty please😃

  2. Farsalad says:

    Hi RG i’ve seen some people having voice now, in case you can find one

  3. kopl4kb4ng3t says:

    Wa… my memory lost game cant install i am use SAI apk

  4. Falco says:

    Voice over now available?

  5. Yae Miko says:

    So, how’s voice acting in this version? Available or not?

  6. Rainsm says:

    Hi RG, please add the outfits from store..

  7. Portia says:

    Is there voice acting now in this version?

  8. Bipbops says:

    Can you add the 32bit version please?
    They definitly had it on Play Store

  9. AyeChan says:

    Voice acting ?

  10. notweeboo says:

    how bout my save game files, when i install this version??
    will be gone or no???

  11. Jhan says:

    Thank you so much RG for all the games.

  12. Dave says:

    So we have to download another 1GB apks? XD

  13. wezs says:

    how to install it RG?

  14. Rainsm says:

    Thank you so much RG

  15. Pau says:

    Thank you RG, that was fast update.

  16. mach says:

    does it have a voiceover now???

  17. Rainsm says:

    Thanks RG. Im glad they fix fisherman’s pickaxe and the other bugs. And im worried when they mention about fix some bugs and patches, i think they would add some drm or something lol. But nope, you upload the latest version and im really grateful that you heard our request. So thank you again RG you are the best.

  18. Xman66 says:

    Just wanna let everyone know that it’s safe to install this update 1.0.10819 over the old version, and YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR SAVE FILES, i just update using SAI installer without modify the apk extension, and the update is working smoother than ever especially with the 60 fps option, and didn’t lost my save data.
    Thanks a lot pathea & pixmain, and special thanks to RG.

  19. Fadly says:

    You can hack this game with x8 sandbox and gameguardian tutorial on youtube

    • Xman66 says:

      Gameguardian worked for me on hacking gols and items, but not on health, stamina and experience points, but it’s ok, at least i have something to work harder to improve.

  20. Karim says:

    Does the speaking voice work?

  21. Cambria says:

    how to install the update?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Install it just like you have installed previous version of this game. no need to uninstall older version.

    • Xman66 says:

      Thanks again and always RG
      the new update comes up really fast (v1.0.10925)
      It’s working over the previous update and save data is intact
      And for whomever asking, no there is no voiceover and never will be, since it playstore exclusive.

  22. Sky says:

    Free craft please

  23. Zxeyo says:

    Thank you thank you RG 😍😍😍

  24. Rainsm says:

    I’ll wait, just take your time RG
    *finger cross*

  25. Yahiro Mizuchi says:

    Pls Update

  26. Pam says:

    Update please theres a lot of fixes in the latest update

  27. Pam says:

    Hey rg,please answer,in the cracked version there is no voice over,but when you buy the game in playstore,it has..and they said the voice over will be downloaded when you buy it,so is there any chance e can get the file for voice over?maybe in the data files from the paid version,thanks

  28. Potato says:

    Please i want to play it with voiceover
    Can you also pls upload data files and apk and we install them with the voiceover files because the sai installer ate a lot of our storage

  29. Rainsm says:

    To me it doesn’t matter with or without voice acting, as long as i can enjoy the game. So thanks RG.

  30. Rootkid says:

    Full game please ,no voice

  31. Viin says:

    Why no voice over?
    I want to hear them

  32. Indro says:

    Money mod please RG

  33. eysi says:

    I uninstalled the game and it take a lot of my storage, it said i need root or factory reset

  34. Totnakero says:

    RG can you upload the apk+data without using the SAI installer? SAI installer ate a lot of internal memory everytime I installed a game. For example this game instead of around 1.5GB after installing the game it consumes 3GB twice the size of the game.

  35. Zxeyo says:

    Where to dl the voice files?

  36. Culuruk says:

    Hey RG can you add some mod to this game i want Infinity stamina, max money, and crafting without any material, thank’s before it.

  37. Lonzki says:

    Ho to fix this “Package doesn’t contain native code that is compatible with this device CPU

  38. Devion says:

    Yup no voice over..rg please check and fix it

  39. Chriss says:

    No voice over?

  40. Slavazarus says:

    Thank god it doesnt use the same protection or something like trials of mana does…. I thought all playstore release are using some kind of protection like trials of mana ???

  41. Archeuz says:

    mod money pleaseee RG 🥺

    • Xman66 says:

      Does it depend on money mod and some situations are impossiblewithout in game purchases, or it could be enjoyable with made money in the game, i mean hard working money, without mod

      • dan says:

        this is paid app and no in game purchased
        so yeah, you can’t play without mod

        • Xman66 says:

          In fact I can play it joyfully without any mod, although mods are essential in some games, mods here will partially kill some fun like work hard to craft and sell and taste the sweet taste of hard money, modder players won’t feel that.

    • Gede Kusuma Ganteng says:

      Please make mods for this game

    • Lanz says:

      I hope the issue on voice over can be solved, many thanks for you RG

  42. Nath says:

    Thanks RG

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