Northgard APK Full DLCs Unlocked and Playable

Amazing PC and Console game Northgard is Finally Released on Android with its full glory. Its a journey of a lifetime. Based on Norse Mythology its a strategy game where you will be following a main story along with the amazing strategic gameplay.
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Mar 14, 2024
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Vikings mythological beasts and warring clans as clan leader. it’s your duty to the people to keep them happy fed warm and protected in this harsh land of Northgard. Long awaited PC and Console Title called Northgard is Finally Released on Android.

The story begins with the king and his people being slain by the hands of a nearby clan. his son reek survived and seeks vengeance along with their recovery of his kingly heirloom. the Regal horn along your journey you’ll gain the allegiance of several clans who will support the new king as you fight enemy clans giants and mythological monsters.

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Each Clan has different advantages when surviving in northgard. whether it’s extra resources better food production specialties in trading fighting and more. if you are familiar with the Civilization series you’ll find similarities throughout. Playing Scouts are used to find new locations then you use food to colonize new lands each plot can have different resources such as fertile land, deer to hunt, rocks to mine and more the next thing to look out for is the seasons.

During the summer food is plentiful and firewood isn’t used too often but beware of winter you’ll need to stockpile these resources to outlast the frigid conditions. while also avoiding war due to combat being a disadvantage during this time.

The strategy of northgard APK is all about balancing your resources with advancing your clan. try to build too quickly and your clan can begin starving or freezing focus too much on gathering and the enemy can be upon your borders before you’re ready. like most good strategy games it’s easy to understand but hard to master.

Story is a ton of fun and provides more than enough hours. the narrator for the story is mostly good and would be perfect if there wasn’t some strange pauses around. the story alone can provide 15 hours or more of entertainment depending on how much you want to complete. Northgard APK is a perfect Strategy game for everyone who are looking for new Strategy games.



49 comments on "Northgard APK Full DLCs Unlocked and Playable 2.2.2"

  1. ron says:

    update northgard v2.2.1.2 android 14 fix latest update

  2. Pam says:

    Please upload international basketball manager 23 paid apk,thanks

  3. ahmadraza says:

    Why thay can’t connect with Google play 🤔🤔🤔

  4. RinKaShi says:

    I have a problem So u see After Downloading this game The Game works fine but after Many days(or weeks) not The game suddenly force close i dunno why but I didn’t update my software so thats not the issue and I just notice this after many days or Chapter The Game sudden forces close (Crash) so I hope someone reply Cause I Like This game so I just gonna download this game again and see what happen if It gonna work fine again or not

  5. Gerimie says:

    Goodday Master,

    I cant install the game, it says, theres a facking problem while parsing the package

    Im using poco f3, latest miui 13 adroid 12

    I can play the game in miui 12 but after the after, kaboom the game automatically uninstalled? Why us that master?

  6. Netzero says:

    Unplayable. Everytime I open the game it only shows black screen. I guess 1.5.5 is ver. Is much better than this one. Please I need the ver. 1.5.5

  7. Netzero says:

    Hey RG every time I open the game. It only displays a black screen on my phone nothing else. I was expecting something great than before. But now I’m so disappointed. With the latest update, you uploaded. I am hoping that you can fix RG. Because I believe that nothing is impossible to you bruh.

  8. Netzero. says:

    My avast anti virus found something very suspicious on your product RG……. Uninstalled.

  9. onepie says:

    can’t install in android 12 on samsung s10 ,but can install in 11

  10. Peter Malousis says:

    Please update Multiplayer

  11. Thefreeman says:

    not working, white screen then it crash
    using samsung a51,guess i wait for v1.5.5 for better luck

  12. jeft says:

    RG plz upload apk obb file thats much better thanks

  13. Jake the Dog says:

    Not yet patched? how to bypass that RG?

  14. Deejae says:

    It needs update… Google play version 1.5.5 updated on sept 3 2022

  15. Murk says:

    Hello RG thanks for this amazing game..can u pls mod Lods Hooray Island Rush pls i want play this game all my downloaded apks not working in my phone thank you

  16. Ryn says:

    How to install it?

  17. Yahiro Mizuchi says:

    Its not the patched fault.

    It is not freezing for me

  18. Mr.Who says:

    in story mode, the game will freeze when building a scout camp. but on single player everything is smooth

  19. ILCza says:

    Can u please make it unlimited ??

  20. Fisqal says:

    Tysm RG u r the best. Keep updating this game if the developer updates it

  21. Khương says:

    Thanks . This site is a place I visit often. All are updated the fastest and many links to choose from to downloadThanks . This site is a place I visit often. All are updated the fastest and many links to choose from to download

  22. Yahiro Mizuchi says:


  23. Yahiro Mizuchi says:

    Hey RG,what is the progress now?

  24. Aldiroz says:

    De qué sirve que lo subáis si no se puede jugar todavía…😒😒

  25. Owning says:

    Always buy the game everytime u open it..

  26. Bcorsht says:

    has it been fixed?

  27. Esmael says:

    They always go on playstore

  28. Jrjrkr says:

    It tells me to buy the game license problem

  29. Yahiro Mizuchi says:

    Imma wait for this to be patched,advance thank you RG!

  30. Naruhodo says:

    So this mod not playable RG licence problem again ?

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