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You wake up and find a letter from your father. He is gone…
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Oct 2, 2023
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Oceanhorn APK MOD Android has finally Arrived on Android. Top notch adventure game inspired from the legend of zelda. Released on IOS year ago then came to consoles and now finally in this weeks new games we have received oceanhorn on Android. Available free in the play store but requires IAP to unlock full version Unlocked Bought and Purchased for free. but from Andropalace you will have premium version for free.

Oceanhorn APK MOD Android Full Version Unlocked

Oceanhorn was originally released in 2013 for IOS devices but has now made his way over to the Android but is this see bearing adventure worth finally taking or is this one adventure you definitely want to miss. oceanhorn is an isometric 3d adventure game with heavy inspiration from The Legend of Zelda especially the wave Waker in ocean when you’re playing as a young adventurer who is off to try to find what happened to his father after his dad went on an adventure in order to slay the giant monster known as oceanhorn.

After a brief stay on the opening island getting your sword and shield and the basics as far adventure itself. your then tasked with traveling from various different islands searching for dungeons defeating monsters and collecting essences, and finding out the whole story of the land itself. its history and the history of oceanhorn before finally being able to tackle the beast yourself you’ll be completing a good handful of Zelda esta dungeons throughout the course of the game inside equally slaying monsters finding items such as keys including even giant keys that open up the boss stores and open up giant chest solving. all kinds of various different puzzles and finding each dungeon specific items that you’ll need in order to not only conquer the dungeon but usually involves. slaying the monster boss at the end of each dungeon there’s more than just conquering the dungeons there are some side stories and a little bit of side question a lot of exploration on each of the islands as you’re trying to find all the secrets and hidden items.

Your first time will take you roughly seven to eight hours for the main story. if you don’t hundred percent everything before you end up completing the game’s main storyline thankfully want to beat the game you can still look you’re safe right before the final boss and travel the world and find any of the stuff you may have missed along the way. game runs on 60 FPS along with great graphics i must say this game will win your hear at first play.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlocked Full Version



11 comments on "Oceanhorn MOD APK 1.1.9"

  1. Matthew says:

    Oceanhorn 2 for android please

  2. Pk says:

    Thank you very much it worked !

  3. Mifu says:

    Is it full version

  4. Tjapung says:

    not working.
    i’ve installed the apk and copy the obb data
    “Oceanhorn is stop working”

  5. George says:

    When will be second part on Android?

  6. Ukuteru says:

    Rg, pls update this game…!

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