Sword and Magic MOD APK 2.1.0 Open World MMORPG

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LINE as a leading social media and chat app, is also known to often release new games that sold well in the market. Like LINE Let’s Get Rich and LINE Ranger.This time LINE again tried his luck in the gaming market by publishing the game with MMORPG mode. In fact, the game titled LINE SAM MOD APK Sword and Magic MOD APK is claimed as the best in the previous three countries, Korea, Taiwan and China. Its an open world MMORPG game and Sword and Magic MOD APK is added for GOD MODE and Increased Damage/Unlimited Mana.

A Story of Sword and Magic MOD is about the world resulting from a fight between angels and demons, where humans have been ignored. The world once filled with the gods, now finally replaced by the Hero. The players will act as the Hero and are in charge of maintaining world peace.

Talking about the Sword and magic MOD APK Gameplay,this game is really stunning in terms of gameplay, where it reminds the MMORPG that is on the PC platform.You will be treated to five different Hero characters, ranging from Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Enchantress, and Archer.Interestingly you will play in Open World mode where the map is very, very wide and varied for mobile size.You can also run missions and do grinding by finding monsters directly through the map. Besides the exciting thing here is you can drive a vehicle or an animal.

Graphics of Sword and Magic MODDED are great. Maybe it seems there is no need to express again other than the word ‘Luxury’ to describe the overall graphics. Starting from the city, the forest, as well as the formation of characters, really made in detail.There are three options for graphics quality from low, medium and high. However, although if we are setting to low, the graphics are still arguably good, especially with two 2.5D and 3D modes that can be selected according to our wishes.

Speaking of features of SAM MOD APK, all are almost the same as MMORPG games in general, it’s just the innovation of each feature, should be appreciated and thumbs up for LINE Sword and Magic ID.In the Guild feature, usually only an alliance determined by the number of wins won, but here, a Guild can control every territory in the map.Then in battle mode, in addition to PVP, there is a fight that adapts the fight on the MOBA game, can even accommodate up to 20 players in one game.

Features Of Sword and Magic:-
True Open World RPG Game with lots of contents
Huge Dungeons filled with different enemies
Follow the amazing storyline
Collect different Mounts and Cute Pets
Take on World Boss event for big prizes
Online Couple and Marriage System

What’s In The MOD APK:-

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 2.1.0



Download Links:

Install MOD APK and Play.

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