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Tesla vs Lovecraft APK MOD which is available on the Xbox one,PC and PlayStation 4. now it is released on Android and Ios. To pretty much give you the rundown of the story it goes like this is that you are nikola tesla, the world-famous inventor and genius extraordinaire at the eve of your greatest inventions your laboratory is burned down by the horror Arthur HP Lovecraft. Tesla vs Lovecraft Android Download is a premium game but downloading Tesla VS Lovecraft MOD APK will give you all DLC Unlocked purchased for free.

Lovecraft who claimed that your actions have put the world into peril with the help of his accurate book and of course a vast army of monsters he has stolen. your most precious inventions and that’s basically the sum of the story. now of course it’s not going to be heavily focused on that because overall it’s pretty much a top-down arcade shooter.I think this studio has done really well creating themes for their games. Their last game, JYDGE, involved you being basically robocop and customizing your gavel gun.

Download Tesla vs Lovecraft APK MOD DLC Unlocked

The visualization of the game Tesla Vs Lovecraft android, graphically the game actually looks very nice all the creatures and of course your character. Environment for landscapes and the different locations that you’re going to be put in to also look very good. definitely seems to be a lot of color and provides a really nice atmosphere overall but again visualization is definitely very colorful and really good.

Its a top down shooter so basically you will have two joystick to control and shoot enemies. Tesla Vs Lovecraft APK MOD has amazing gameplay. Playing and completing missions will get you leveled up. With Each level up in Tesla vs Lovecraft APK MOD you can choose between two perks that can make you more powerful. Here perks works like skill points. There are others related to the character too. The epic purple perks are the most powerful perks available in the game. These perks are really powerful and overpowered.

Tesla Vs Lovecraft Android Game Download

Gameplay of Tesla Vs Lovecraft android sn’t too complicated to understand it’s basically a twin stick shooter. Of course you will be facing against hordes of enemies and your job is to survive. The game at first starts off very easy but as you progress further into the game it does become challenging and becomes harder. In short Words Tesla vs Lovecraft is just an amazing action adventure premium title.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
DLC Unlocked

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.5.0



Download Links:

Install MOD APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

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