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Typoman Mobile APK is a 2d puzzle platformer developed by brainseed factory that requires you to use letters to make words in orderto solve the puzzles. it’s a game about good versus evil and there isn’t much depth to the story. you will need to find and gather all the collectible quotes as you play though in order to read. Its a PC Console game and now available on Android as well named Typoman Mobile APK.

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The environments and even the monsters are made up of words, you play as the hero and your body is made up of the letters spelling hero and I think it’s really cute. the music and sound effects good throughout the game. I really like are the art style of the game and it fits so well with the puzzle mechanics. this game requires you to have a good understanding of English and spelling as you progress through the chapters you encounter various words and letters and you need to build specific words to complete the puzzles in Typoman APK Mobile.

Some of the levels where the platforming plays a larger role you’ll need to be quick with your word building and platforming to avoid certain death. there isn’t any direct combat in the game but you use words as weapons and defenses in some as well as on the final boss fight. controls are good in Typoman Mobile APK you move around with the D-pad keys but then your other hand is using jump button. its complicated sometimes. If you are a puzzler lover then this game is definitely worth trying.


What's In The MOD:-

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlocked Full Version/Infinite Hints

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