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Unreal Life, the popular indie game with such accolades as the "New Faces Award" from the Japan Media Arts Festival, is finally available on iPhone and iPad and Android.
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March 3, 2022
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Unreal Life is an exciting indie game full of history, adventure, discovery and talking traffic lights. Unreal Life is a mystery adventure game about the journey of discovery by a young girl, Howl, who wakes up in the middle of the road.

You play as Hal, a girl who woke up in a strange world without her memories. The main characters are Hal, the protagonist of a too complicated story, and a traffic light, who acts as his closest assistant and confidant throughout the game.

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What Hal touches shows the memory of objects and provides a before-and-after look; what she hears shows all the dialogue between the characters, and her thoughts are all of the beings she’s been through so far in an overly complicated story. Howl has extrasensory perception and can read the memories of objects that Howl touches. With the help of traffic lights, she managed to distinguish between objects with memory and objects that are useless. Hal can then think about things or look back on those memories to remind you of what’s going on.

Compare these memories with real ones to find clues and solve puzzles. You can compare these memories with the current time to help you find objects, see if you need to flip switches or find new paths. Hal can touch objects and move between the present and the past to piece together what happened.

Hal doesn’t remember anything, and players must collect her memories to piece together what happened to her. Hal is so worried about forgetting or being forgotten that Unit 195 deliberately creates a detailed list of all the thoughts that come from the interaction, allowing you to slowly go back and relive Hako Unreal Life as you go. Unreal Life tackles some very difficult questions throughout, hinting at Hal and Miss Sakura’s fate all the way to a brief ending that, while there are several different endings to the story, actually only ends in one place.

The game is hauntingly beautiful, with a more poignant story than you might expect. So much so that even if you see characters or scenes that would normally be out of place, it works thanks to the work of the sprites, the use of color and the atmosphere created by Hako Life. Even though the game’s setting is otherworldly, Hako Life made sure everything made



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