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Enjoy An amazing Adventure platformer, A game that wrecked havoc on PC and Consoles is now available on Android as well. Cleaver puzzles and atmospheric sounds are what makes this game a memorable experience. Download now Very Little Nightmares APK for your android devices.
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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Oct 18, 2023
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Often horror games are presented from a first-person or over-the-shoulder perspective. The closer you get to the action, the easier it is to believe that these events are happening to you. Likewise, we don’t usually associate horror with side-scrollers, but similar to Limbo and Inside, Very Little Nightmares APK MOD illustrates that the format can be just as unsettling as games that get right in your face.

The game begins as your character awakens from a brief nightmare. With their face cloaked in a yellow raincoat, your character’s identity is a mystery. There’s no dialogue, no notes to read. It’s up to you to interpret the game’s events as they unfold while you move forward and try to survive. What’s presented is positively creepy throughout. Strong sound effects, and subtle camera movements pull you in to this demented world. Locations are cluttered with things you can pick up, move about, or otherwise interact with, giving you space to explore and making it feel like each room has a story to tell.

Download Very Little Nightmares APK Android

You are a truly tiny thing in this world, clambering up the sides of towering dressers,hiding under tables, and hefting keys with both arms. It all lends to a sense of vulnerability, and once you begin to encounter the grotesque inhabitants of this place, there’s no question that your only options are to run and hide. Your abilities are fairly straightforward as you can run and jump to clear gaps and crouch to get into tight spaces and sneak past watchful eyes.

You can grab objects and flip switches, and you carry a lighter to grant a small reprieve from the darkness. Plus, you can shift the camera slightly to see what’s ahead or behind to avoid getting caught off guard. To be clear, Very Little Nightmares APK Android isn’t a strictly 2D game. While the camera lies on a fixed plane, areas have a fair amount of 3D space to explore. For the most part, this works in the game’s favor and brings environments to life.

Very Little Nightmares Android APK is a thoroughly creepy platformer with vividly disturbing imagery and a menacing world that drives you to look for an escape. If you have played the PC Version of Little Nightmares then you must try it on your Android phones as well.



39 comments on "Very Little Nightmares APK Full Working 1.2.3"

  1. Wells says:

    This game has some depth to it, it tells a very rich story.
    I can’t wait for little nightmares 1 and 2 to be ported to Android.

  2. kimi no nawa says:

    version android?

  3. Teddy04 says:

    Help, failed to install error from sai installer. It only failed on split scene not base. P.S. Broken English !

  4. Iyot says:

    Still wont install using sai

  5. Anonymous says:

    I working bro very thank you
    Some app using sai

  6. Acak Adul says:

    WORKS GREAT😊👍☕ on my Asus Maxpro m1 after use installer SAI

  7. Pyckt says:

    I’d waited for a long time and still installing.
    Already turned off MIUI Optimization.

  8. Potato says:

    add armv7 apk please!!!

  9. Leo says:

    It Shows Virus on my Galaxy Note 9
    What Should I Do

  10. Siddiq says:

    New file works. Thanks.

  11. sam00 says:

    Whin I try to install on my 10plus it says the apk have virus 😕

  12. Satish says:

    Unable to install on Poco f1
    Tried using sai installer
    It’s giving errors

  13. Siddiq says:

    Blank screen on start, not working on mi max?????

  14. Anon says:

    It works, thanks!

  15. Aljur says:

    Black screen after title screen. K20 pro Android 10.

  16. GRAVES says:

    I find it very annoying that you have to click on a post just to see the category if it is online or offline, RPG or FPS etc.
    old website for mobile was better back then. Thank you RG

  17. Enrique says:

    does not work s10 +

  18. Random Anon says:

    i think this game have separate other version for 32bit apk. if you got, please upload it too RG

  19. Anonymous says:

    Permission to download sir

  20. Anonymous says:

    So does this mean we can grid too now??

  21. Phil says:

    Please RG reupload this one…Thankz

  22. Hancell Martinez says:

    Wow this one so quick. Thanks!

    Any news about Scarlet Grace? I cant find that one in any site I know.

  23. Pop corn says:

    don’t tell me, its gonna arm64 again?
    if yes its really shit

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