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whispering-willows-splashwhispering-willos whispering-willow-android whispering-willows-apk whispering-willows-awards-game whispering willows she’s on a mission to find her missing father he’s the groundskeeper at a spooky old mansion and she fears that a supernatural force has taken hostage it turns out she’s right before any other goes hunting the mansion even this heartwarming quest chauffeur’s need to waste a minute I’m running in case the setup doesn’t make it clear whispering willows is a former theme graphic adventure game for the PlayStation 4 in PS Vita you control Elena as she explores the Haunted Mansion and surrounding property while most kids her age to be too scared to search through the ghost lane and no she has a secret weapon upper sleeve actually is around her neck her stylish necklace allows our fearless hero to make contact with the other side having the necklace gives players the ability to turn a lame into a ghostly now is able to interact with dead people and squeezed through small intrude mentioned in fashion will solve puzzles by taking control with inanimate objects in locating items that would normally be on a breach these two forms should be all Elena needs to make it through whispering when she’s not solving puzzles Elena will spend a lotta time tracking down all learn about family stricken with death and sorrow as well as a serial killer who still haunts these grounds while the story is well written info love interest in characters it has a lot from your twists and turns the quest is presented as a side-scrolling adventure game which can get a little confusing if you aren’t paying attention sending Elena how to dig the guesthouse tool shed in hedge maze keeping track over the doors leave ends up being the most challenging part up whispering willows it doesn’t take long for the game to Inters enemies to avoid but it never turns into an action game with the exception of the necklace our hero is always vulnerable and unable to fight on other-worldly attackers but there’s never proved to be a problem since so much the game is not solving puzzles and uncovering the mysteries the mansion.I can accept the Whispering willows is a very scary and the ghost story is far from the original but I wish the developers would have spent more time creating more challenging puzzles what you get in the game barely registers as a puzzle sent it usually involves pushing a boxer moving a table even more challenging brain teasers give the answers away seconds before the with few enemies to dodge and simplify puzzles to solve this game left knee board mall not always the most exciting game whispering willows is beautiful the characters and backgrounds are and the attention to detail was obvious I wasn’t as keen on the cinemas which are a bit choppy look like motion comics.

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.29



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Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and play.

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