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After amazing response from you guys i have decided to upload more classic games. Today its Wild Blood APK MOD. Wild Blood is still available in the play station though. Its Gameloft’s first game which is developed using Unreal Engine 3 and you will see its crispy graphics and amazing gameplay. Its an offline Hack n Slash Action game where you will be completing liner quests. So Download the Wild Blood APK+DATA Now and Enjoy Max Graphics MOD.

Story of Wild Blood APK MOD is not that intensive but its quite good. The once noble King Arthur has gone completely mad. The discovered that his most trusted knight Sir Lancelot was having an affair with his beloved Queen Guinevere. he then opened the gates of Hell to wreak havoc on the lands. with wild blood gameloft seems to have taken a step forward approach to the game’s design featuring elements from other well known and established games like god of war,blade and even some of their own games.

Download Wild Blood APK MOD Android Free Download 1.1.5

Wild Blood APK MOD is Gameloft’s finest game featuring the Unreal Engine and it’s a doozy. the graphics are spectacular and gorgeous compared to the closest parallel. the wild blood MOD APK is a huge leap forward visually. the levels are massive multi-layered detailed and inventive. you’ll run through the gloomy foggy forests float high above the clouds and big airborne cities and fight through the very bowels of Hell. the enemies are equally as impressive they’re well animated and some are downright terrifying. it’s a pretty sobering sight when you walk into a room and come upon a towering blood-soaked butcher happily hacking away through the remains of some of this previous victims.

The gameplay in wild blood is as derivative and linear as can be you pretty much just run from point A to point B hacking and slashing and then moving onwards. you don’t need to explore these levels in any real way. Its a pure hack and slash game where you just have to use special skills and kill enemies. If you are looking for an action gem then you must try Wild Blood APK MOD once.


What’s In The MOD APK:-
Max Graphics Unlocked
All Devices Support

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up to Android 9.0 Tested

Version: 1.1.5



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Install APK,Place data in Android/Data/ and Play.