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Zenonia 3 APK is now remastered and ready to be played on all android devices including latest android firmware. Simply Install APK and Play this classic game on your android devices now.
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December 3, 2021
Android 2.2 and Up to All Android
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The Zenonia 3 Remastered is the third game in the series. The protagonist played by the player is the son of the previous protagonist, and he will start a new adventure. At the same time, the player can choose different professions and freely match numbers. Hundreds of equipment to strengthen yourself, there are more challenges and adventure stories waiting for you.

Features of Zenonia 3 Remastered APK:

1. Intuitive and heart-beating battles are played in a way that you have never experienced before.

2. Every action sequence can be synchronized, and is consistent with your reflections and reactions per second.

3. Four exciting hero classes, experience the game through four different hero classes

All purchases are free, no ZEN coins, unlimited attribute points and skill points, no level restrictions on weapons, and no network verification.

ZENONIA3 is the third game in the Zenonia Legend series. The protagonist of the game is the son of the protagonist of the previous generation of Chael.

Chael will start a new adventure with his fairy friend Runa.

In this adventure, Chael will encounter Divine and Devil, the two race camps that have been fighting.

The game is divided into four classes, sword knight, shadow hunter, mechanical gunner and shaman. Players can equip 184 kinds of weapons, 120 kinds of helmets, 120 kinds of armor and 100 kinds of gloves and shoes to create their own personalized characters. At the same time, players can fight with more than 200 types of monsters to obtain 47 different titles and equip them to obtain different ability bonuses.


What's In The MOD:-

Below the MAIN changes in Remastered Version of the game:

ZEN can now be earned in-game, by simply earning gold. You get 30% of what you earn in gold as ZEN

Skill points are now doubled

The level cap in normal mode is now 65

The games blur has been removed so you can enjoy the pixel-art like on IOS (this is still NOT the same as on IOS, no zoom out or anything)

Sound has been used from the IOS release to provide higher-res sounds

And last but not least, it runs on ALL Android versions now, no need for VMOS, it was tested up until Android 11 which is the latest as of now (counting out the upcoming Android 12).



20 comments on "Zenonia 3 Remastered APK All Android Support Premium"

  1. Jeremy says:

    Can you please upgrade it to allow it to run on Android 14 please? I can’t use it on my phone otherwise.

  2. aha says:

    Hey I think there is a bug as i can’t continue from the first mission, it doesn’t let me press ok once the first mission appears.

  3. JustYoki says:

    To the one who made this possible thankyou so much. Theres another great game id like to share to everyone in which I hope you to make remastered version like this one too. its called Seed 3 Heroes In Time. please make a remastered version of this game. its really a good game too.

  4. JustYoki says:

    Wow it really works. for those who tried but didnt work due to google play protect. try to click more and under that theres this install anyway. it should work now.

  5. Hikaru says:

    The mod doesn’t work I try to add but won’t actually keep going up

  6. Rensuuu says:

    The skill points aren’t doubled tho?

  7. Theo SR says:

    Yo add this game. There’s other too in my channel “Lost Guardian Hyper” aka “Mystic Guardian” mod offline + free premium shopping.

  8. Power132 says:

    Hey RG! Thx for the upload. I get a force close upon opening with a black screen and even less common with the title screen. Plz fix and you are awesome.

  9. Carl says:

    Bruh, you are godsend. I was looking for this game ever since highschool.

  10. Hyuu says:

    Thanks. Can you do Zenonia 1 too?? Love your work. More power!

  11. Ed says:

    Thank you, now its working on Android 11
    People say Zenonia 3 is the best of all Zenonias, I want to play it, but the game never worked on recent androids, only android 4.4

  12. Zandatsu says:

    thr nod about free purchase and zen coin are fake

  13. igor says:

    i hope the developer will make all other remasters too from zenonia series

  14. Dahau says:

    The best news today!! I wonder if anyone can bring Heroes Lore series from the old iOS time to android…

  15. sairam9564 . says:

    try zennonia 5 too

  16. Rains says:

    Thanks RG for the game.

  17. David says:

    1 & 2 need a remaster too. Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.
    After the aethersx2 released and now this. This is awesome.

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