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April 4, 2019
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Amnesia memories an adventure android game recently popped up in the play store with a high price tag.

storyline: this game is heavily story focuses due to the fact that it is a visual novel and which you play as a female character to life depends on high-tech a recent loss of memories as you please to the store you can define exactly what has happened to your memories and all these different things but along the way you’re actually in the involved in a complex relationship with up to five different guys and what you can choose the romantic path from start to finish piecing together forgotten memory but in this case the choices you make will actually affect on who she will fall in love with and how the story will come to an end.

Graphics: now going over the graphics and visually this team is really impressive looking at really enjoyed the artwork in the detail that way into the difference scenes as the various amount of characters that you get to see and interact with along the way the environment and set pieces just everything about this in terms of the art style was really top quality.

Gameplay: flesh out the story a lot better giving a nice visual representation of what they’re actually going on about going over the game players actually not a whole lot of gameplay elements here but there is actually quite a few interactive moments and which you as the player get the cheese first off you begin the game by choosing a name for your character and it’s pretty much only up to you and no you don’t have an option from choosing from the melt respective where you goin a relationship with the female characters is again this is only heard you the story line ( Amnesia memories Premium APK+DATA ) the one character so again you’re only playing as a female going through her perspective and her story line along the way you get to pretty much select $100 you want to respond with the different mu multiple choices sometimes it’s only two different choices of the times you might have four or five different choices depending on what the situation is during that point in time but the game’s storyline and depending on how you respond why their increased love interest Rd trees and eventually in the and attacked and you pretty much end up with one of the 20 or so endings that as. story and voice acting now that I will definitely praise for it.

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5 comments on "Amnesia Memories Premium APK 1.0.4"

  1. Kimeru says:

    Hey RG, thanks for the updates links.
    I’ve installed the apk, followed the instructions to move the data to the designated folder but the game crashes every time I try to open it. Would appreciate it if you can fix it. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Bochog says:

    Hey RG can you update the links? Thanks a lot.

  3. Kimeru says:

    Hey, can you repost the dobwload links? It says the file is unavailable. Thank you!

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