Asphalt Street Storm Racing APK Android MOD

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Asphalt Street Storm Racing APK finally arrived on Android but still in unreleased version just like other soft launched games. So what is soft launched? well it means game is still in finishing process and they release their game in certain countries so that people can play it as beta and find bugs and report them to developers so they can fix their games. usually developers releases their games in few countries like Canada,new Zealand and Philippines. but you can easily play it from anywhere if you use we are taking a looking on latest Asphalt series Android game which is from Gameloft of if you are looking for arcade racing fun just like Asphalt 8 and Asphalt Xtreme then wait its something different. gameloft will not leave any genre behind so they are laying their hands on all the current famous genres and developing their games according to current gaming situations.Its an online game and you can not play it offline.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing APK Android MOD

Drag Racing? Yes This Latest Android Racer franchise is now a Drag Racer as well. Most of the gameplay will remind you of CSR Racing and other Drag Racing games. well since its an Asphalt series game so quality is much expected from the developers and they did right things with their game. they poured the best graphics in this game it looks damn great to see such high graphics on Android. Its an addictive racer from gameloft in which gamer will be able to compete with real players around the world.


Gameplay is same like you would expect from a drag racing game where you do not have access to control the car but you have to shift gears and acceleration at perfect time to give your car some boosts. gameplay mechanics are same like CSR Racing but what down part here is that IAP things costs a lot and you will have to grind a lot in order to buy new cars. one more thing is that your opponents car releases just before race starts and it becomes hard to compete with them.

Features Of Asphalt Street Storm Racing:-
Followed by Asphalt Series,Amazing 3D Landscapes and Graphics
Various Cars to unlocked and tune up
Real Time Multiplayer Drag Racing
Epic Bet and earn big rewards
Drive In Realistic Weather Effects
Upgrade Each Part from your car

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.0.1a



Download Links:

Install Asphalt Street APK,Download data directly and Play.
As you can see this game is unplayable right now and throwing BLACKLISTED ERROR on start-up. i am working on a fix. if you have any trick or tip to bypass it then share it in comments down below.

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