Asphalt Xtreme MOD APK+DATA Android 1.4.0i


Now the SAD PART Its a fully ONLINE Game.i have managed to modified the values but they stores online.

screenshot_2016-10-28-16-04-57Asphalt Xtreme MOD APK is an Off-Road Android Racing game which is spin off from the Asphalt series.Well waiting for release dates? you don’t have to because i have got this game for you on Andropalace.Currently only available for selected users and for all other users its available for pre-registration but here you can play easily from anywhere to everywhere.Recent version is 1.4.0 grab it now before your friends does.

Asphalt Xtreme MOD APK Unlimited Money Coins 1.4.0i

Asphalt series has been in a lime light since Asphalt 1 arrived for Java devices.Since then until now this series has got millions of FANS worldwide.and of course they are increasing in numbers day by day. Before the Asphalt series was the premium series until asphalt 7 then from Asphalt 8 they bring their game freemium category.and i think in near future all their games will be online as well.Right now we got our hands on Asphalt Xtreme MOD and i’m surprise to see they bring off-road race to Android.its a big turn in Asphalt series.

Well if you are thinking its Asphalt 9 then wait its not the game you are waiting for.its Asphalt Xtreme with OffRoad Racing game.or you can call it monster truck racing just came to our beloved Android OS.its a Gameloft who is behind this game so you might understand what will happen? updates will be coming regularly but game will requires so much of IAPS to unlock the game fast and easy or you will have to grind your self to death to complete the game.

Game does looks really good at the starting i am being taught to drive a giant off road car and how to drop the nitro at time.and you can drift as well.controls are really good and game runs smoothly on my 3 GB RAM Octa Core device.i must say this Asphalt Xtreme APK will do something big like Asphalt 8 but only future will answer it.hope you will like this addicted game.

Game Asphalt Xtreme MOD APK has of beautiful graphics and MAPS are great as well.Gameloft is master in creating games based on Racing. There are some features which you have seen in Asphalt 8 like Events to participate,PVP to fight with other players online and Car customization of course.there are various parts to upgrade and tune up your car.


Features Of Asphalt Xtreme Android MOD:-

Off Road Racing Simulator
Ultra High Definition graphics
35 Monster Cars/Trucks to unlock
Easy to Drive Hard to unlock mechanism
Real Time Multiplayer with up to 8 players
So many real locations to drive in
Full Off-road gameplay experience

What’s In the MOD APK:-
Unlocked All Events

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.4.0i



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/obb/ and Play.

1)If you get License error like Download failed or application not licensed then follow these steps
2)Go to play store and search Asphalt Xtreme or go direct using given play store link
3)Now Start installing Asphalt Xtreme from play store and when download starts cancel you have the license.
4)Now come back and use our uploaded APK+DATA will work fine.




  1. I installed as per instrctns. games starts, but only seasons are unlocked,
    There’s no unlimited money and stars, i cant buy cars……!!

    Rg plss can you help me with this, how to fix this ????

  2. “Asphalt EXtreme stopped responding”

    after it showed the “the download has completed – then gameloft logo – boom cant play! :(
    Help pls RG or anyone.

  3. Okay, I have two problem with the modded apk. When I start the game, it get stuck into the age and gender page, and if I click the “Accept” button nothing happens. But one time it goes forward that page (I don’t know why) and it unlock all things. But of course I could not be so lucky, and, after unlocking all the series, the game crashed. How can I fix?

  4. the mod is not working “online user profile loaded,,,,game needs to restart”

    still not working after clear data & disable contact & location too :(

    any solution?

  5. And the worst thing is ALL upcoming GL games will be ONLINE … so in order to finish games we have to play all gamed till death.. hahahahah

  6. This is ONLINE and GAMELOFT game so do not expect any mod.. just play with Normal APK.
    Thanks GOD Asphalt 8 is offline…. :) i think the last offline of asphalt series…

  7. Not working me. Unlocking all track but when i starting the game, always “online user…” and restart. I clearing all data and cache, after downloading again, but same:(

  8. Not working for me as well. I logged in to my Facebook account with some progress in the career mode. I can see that all the cars and the series are unlocked but when I start any career race, it says “Online user profile loaded. Game needs to restart” as soon as the loading bar is complete. Is there anyone who got past the loading screen?

  9. Guys. I cant understand. Always restarting “online profil…”
    I made a factory reset on my galaxy s7.
    I started and cancelled the game from google play (because invalid licence )
    After install and data to obb and start the game opeing all track but same…not working.
    Always restarting.
    Tested if i deleting my google account tested etc…
    Somebody working?

    • found a solution. clear cash and data, don’t start. go to settings>apps>asphalt xtreme and disable contact and location permission. start the game. say thanks.

  10. why do u guys upload worthless stuffs and make people fool? every time it says “online user profile loaded, game needs to restart”.

  11. Hi everything works fine but whenever i try tostart a race it displays”online user game needs to restart”.Please help me with a solution asap.I am not able race any location or with any car.

  12. RG? theres is a problem with my asphalt extreme when i connect it in google account it says cant connect but it always restarting and says account sync game will restart how can i fix that?

  13. Hello RG!

    Thanks a million for the great service.

    I installed the original from Google Play and then replaced the data and mod. When I launch the game, it says a new version available. It gets stuck on Update screen.

    If I install the mod and obb, it still gives me the update screen.

    If it is the latest version, why is it asking to update.

    Please help.

    Thank you.

  14. lots of problem no cars unlock no fully upgrade cars and stack on age and gender and always restarting game when u notify by Online Profile Loaded game needs to restart.?

  15. i cant understand the pre register do i need to download the asphalt extreme in the google play then register there or no need to fully download just start download the when it start cancel it then install the modded apk and obb file?

  16. Hello rg bro. Can u upload new 8 ball pool hack without root? There is so may hacks but they are not trusted. Pls rg can u do something for this game?

  17. Hello rg can u help me what to do? I just downloaded this game and followed your instructions and i played 1st tutorial but now when i opening this game the game is starting fine but then just loading every thing and saying server connection problem. What to do? I am on 4G lte network. Everthing is working full speedly on device. Pls help

  18. after restarting i can play career ,lvl hacked but cars r not unlocked.some cars giving free icon but cant purchase them

  19. all cars and career unlocked but cant play any of it. when i entered on first career it says me u need to have 6 star where i have 20 star. pls resolve it.

  20. Is there any buddy who can help me. After installing the game is not starting only black screen. My cpu is snapdragon 430 and gpu is andreno 505. Please help he

  21. I installed the game using the untouched apk. copied the obb folder in the obb directory.
    When I run the game it says:
    Waiting for the response. Cannot establish the server connection. Please try again later.
    Then I press OK.
    Then the above process repeats again and again.
    Also I’m not able to install the mod apk.

  22. force close back to home screen after the gameloft logo,,, pls help,,, m on stock rom moto g 3rd gen 2gb ram no root ,,,, pls help i need ths

  23. Perfect running. The mistake which i was done is i install apk and tried to download data from playstore which cause invalid license. But once i downloaded data from andropalace game is running smooth. Again big thank to RG.

  24. I already download it and the mod work but the problem is I CAN’T PLAY ANY SINGLE OF SERIES AND MASTERIES CARRIER. and its always appear this “GAME PROFILE IS LOADED.PLEASE RESTART THE GAME.” when I want to play series carrier. and one more problem I can’t log in my google profile. pls fix this problem rg :)

  25. Rg I already download the previous post of asphalt xtreme that has no mod in it. the question is do I need to download this apk+data mod or I just need to download apk only ? fast reply pls :)

  26. zombie anarchy mod apk please .. cause only mod apk can be installed if you have another modified gameloft game installed in your device

    • it’s already happen before bro… (dungeon hunter 5, modern combat 5,etc), n next asphalt 9 will be ONLINE too… so prepare yourself! or quit gaming

      • I know, it started long ago but asphalt 8 was THAT game.Offline, playable without paying(barely but playable).Im just disappointed.In 2011-12 the android games were the best, not at the graphic, those were full games not just like these-assassins screed identity:”We think android games doesnt need to have a proper story line, it will be more enjoyable with short missions”-They make even stronger phones but there are no games to play.I did stop playing these i’m just so fking disappointed.

  27. Game is running perfectly thank you admin
    Here is full description how to install the game
    1) Go to Google play and register
    2) Install the game
    3) Don’t add in SD card other wise you will get invalid licence(this is important)
    4) Add the obb file in device/Android/obb
    5)Now start the game (that’s it game will start perfectly)
    6)Remember this game is online If you have anything problem let me know in comments….

    • if game is available in playstore then you can download direct from game. other wise you cant download directly from game. you got invalid license error even your status show in playstore REGISTERED.

  28. RG please stop hacking/modding Gameloft games, cause the reason behind making their games Online is Hack/mod please RG… Just Upload dont Mod gameloft games

  29. Not worked. i already tried… I Just registered on playstore then install apk launch but got Invalid License.. seems we have to wait till release the game

  30. Not released on playstore. I tried tunnel bear to check thru USA / UK but on playstore written PRE- REGISTER ( COING SOON).. so you got invalid license


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