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Battlehand MOD APK is an android RPG Card Battling Android game from Kongregate.Game is developed on unity engine with unity physics and update New Guild War arena and bug fixes.

BattleHand MOD APK 1.4.0 High XP Unlimited Gold Money

BattleHand MOD APK is a latest flagship from Kongregate. Its an online RPG game with strategic battle system. It has all the 3D Ingredients that a good RPG game requires like RPG Card vise Gameplay, cool skills and after effects, addictive battle system, high resolution 3D Graphics and most of all upgrading current heroes or getting new heroes to choose from many heroes. epic quests and epic dungeons go on a epic journey. kill loads of enemies in your way to become a champion. MOD APK Of Battlehand RPG is a small little game but you can expect a big thrilling fun in return. most of all its a a freemium game you will feel like a premium game. you do not need to purchase their IAPs because they will not force you to do so. nowadays we have seen plenty of games that in some of the part of that game you must spend some money to advance in the game or you will have to carry on with the speed of sloth yep. there are some down parts as well this Could be a good game. However there are issues. A horrible stamina system for one. Enjoy playing for 5 minutes and then having to wait hours before playing again. It also takes a ridiculous amount of time to unlock or advance in this game compared to other games of the same type. They dont run any special events really either. No login bonuses. Aside from the artwork, the game is just really bland. well it’s up to you what kinda game you are looking for some upvotes are great graphics, epic strategy gameplay, Fun cards to build decks and put together teams as you build and grow. BattleHand is a freemium game but using Decent strategy gameplay to be had here does not seem to require you to keep dumping money in to have fun with it as well.

This game is free in the play store so download our MOD APK of battlehand and get benefits for the MODS and HACKS in the game.

What’s In The MOD APK:
1. Hight Exp everytime you feed a card.
2. Experience needed to level cards is set to 1.

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.4.0



Download Links:



Install APK and play.

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