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bullet-force-apk-mod bullet-force-android-apk bullet-force-apk-mod bullet-force-hack-apk-android bullet-force-mod-apk bullet-force-unlimited-money-mapsBullet Force is an Online/Offline Android FPS game from Lucas Wilde. It’s ditto copy of Battlefield Game where you will notice so many similarities between this game and Battlefield FPS game from EA. Latest version adds lots of contents and new maps. Bullet Force MOD APK is a blast for the FPS and PVP Game Lovers.

Bullet Force MOD APK 1.68.0

If you are waiting for a game that offers Quality Looking sharp graphics i mean realistic looking,with offline to online play including great Maps and smart AIs then this game Bullet Force MOD APK is for you. it has campaign missions which you can enjoy offline and some Multiplayer battles like Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and more.

Now lets come to the Multiplayer part because this MODE you are going to play hours and hours because this will surely remind you of Battlefield Multiplayer games. I am a hardcore battlefield player in BF3 and BF4 as well.dint try Battlefield 1 yet due to so many games are releasing these days. well i must say i am pretty much shocked to see Bullet Force MOD APK is a perfect combination of Battlefield 3 and 4.

Game is entirely dedicated or inspired from Battlefield games. From Maps to Players costumes,their loadouts to weapons even walking or running style are same.Hit marks,combat system and even you get same XP which you get per kill in original game.

Now comes to Original from beta.you’re famous when people are looking for your games over and over again and praising for it and waiting for releases.Bullet force MOD APK just arrived 2 days ago in the play store and it has so many downloads till now. game is officially arrived.so does we have added MOD APK Bullet force so that you can play it with unlimited money gold and credits.

Download Bullet Force MOD APK

You know it, one game is like another, still the same. Nearly identical maps, user environment, appearance, and even a game mechanism. There are just handful of unique great games. And I do not afraid to say, that Bullet Force MOD is one of them. I do not want talk about unique maps, weapons, or multiplayer mode, many of these stuff are also in other games. However, what miss there, it is an individualization. Thanks to features like purchasing weapons and their extensions (lasers, camouflages and others), selection of perks for own game advantage (faster run, shorter reloading time and again many others) is every soldier / player in the game so a little unique. Beside this, the game allows also set limitations for players in a room – you can set e.g. maximal allowed ping, entry only with a password, or maximum number of players in a room. After every round the game displays a ballot box and players vote about the next map to playing. Shortly, if you have been looking for a great game to play, you have just found it. Invite your friends and have fun with Bullet Force Multiplayer.

Features Of Bullet Force MOD:-
Realistic looking graphics
Competitive Multiplayer Battles
20 Real Weapons to choose from
Solid action gameplay
Smoother FPS and optimized for all devices
Offline play/Campaign MODES
Massive 20 player battles
Player customization
Sniping and Heavy rifles to equip

What’s New: v 1.68.0
-Added Seasons (Short pre season warmup before the main season starts)
-Added new player model
-Added new VSS Sniper with built in suppressor
-Added new Minigun weapon
-Added many new skins
-Rebalanced the Val
-Limited holiday sale is here! Everything 25-35% off!
-Many bug fixes ๐Ÿ›

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Ammo

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.68.0



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and Play.



  1. You know, I like the mods when they’re meant to overcome some abusive game schemes like forcing to buy upgrades instead of earning them, but these mods in this game just makes it unfunny. Mods that give an advantage over other players aren’t fun.

  2. Sorry in advance RG but by far this is the most RUBBISH MOD you’ve ever come out with ….. i mean how are you supposed to shoot the enemies whenever you hit the “shoot button” your weapons tends to shoot way upward for no reason ,any logic behind that mod of yours ? by the way the radar mode does work fine … but sadly it’s unplayable due to the retard “upward shooting”.

      • Never heard that when we shoot it going to go downward lol. It is unlimited bullet. Of course your weapon recoil will be high when you hold the fire button. Bruh. Think before you give a comment and saying other people work “rubbish”

  3. Is it really offline? Even modern strike online, Is it really offline, why the game needs data or wifi connection. Make that really offline, I want a realistic, offline, existing file to download at any websitw, And really a hack or a mod

  4. Force close when I play Team Deathmatch mode. It works fine on Gun Game mode only. I will waiting your next update. You’re awesome…

  5. Seriously RG, it’s been a long time! What’s happening? Are you well? you gonna update this or not! Reply soon

    • Can’t you be little polite? Is it too much to ask? Are you paying him? You can’t order him to be serious and shitt. Be patient. It’s for free and it takes time. If you’re not patient enough then go to some other mod site . I feel he’s doing the best he can.

  6. It has become impossible to play with stretched display on this version RG..
    New update build 223 on 14feb has arrived which is a fix to this same issue. Please update asap

  7. Almost forgot, Thx, but one suggestion some could web you shared are full of add or something,when I tap to download, a window pop ups always and cannot cash in. Last keep up the good work, Thx

    • Love the mod RG, thanks a lot! BTW, if there is any way you could help me mod the offline game PC Architect for my younger brother who is addicted to it as it will be his birthday in a few days! Thank you very much!

  8. Help RG…. its not working.. asking for update now how and where the hell i can update this game when play store shows only 2 opt. Unistall and open but no update….do something bro i really love this game and your site too….

  9. it says : please update, its outdated version.. please fix it RG
    maybe mod credit or mod gold is awesome or mod unlimited fire or anything you choose RG
    thanks for the best mood
    games update 6 Januari 2017
    thank you

  10. I downloaded bullet force, but i didn’t get any unlimited credit, start with just 0 gold, and 2000 money, can’t buy anything, any solution or advice? Thanks RG, I really like your page!!

  11. You can buy all the accessories, barrels, and scopes but not the guns. You can buy one gun before the credits go negative and you can’t buy anymore.

  12. RG !! 3….. 2….. 1….. u Rock !!

    Best Awesome Game FOr Android !! AS PLayed Before Alpha V

    Anyway u rOCK !!

    MOD IS V Dangerous

    Dont Buy Guns MOney Will -9999999

    Only Upgrade !! Cheers

    RG u 2 Play Multiplayer ?

    we Shall Host Andropalace Server In This Multiplayer Game


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