Dead Cells APK ORIGIN DLC+MOD Unlimited Money

Dead Cells APK MOD is an action adventure offline game which was released on PC and Consoles and it has Now Finally arrived on Android as well. A premium game with NO IAP and No ads you get everything unlocked with full premium experience. Dead Cells Android APK is a unique hack and slash side-scroller game on Android devices.
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Dec 15, 2023
6.0 and up
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Dead Cells APK MOD is an action adventure offline game which was released on PC and Consoles and it has Now Finally arrived on Android as well. A premium game with NO IAP and No ads you get everything unlocked with full premium experience. Dead Cells Android APK is a unique hack and slash side-scroller game on Android devices.

The story is simple and short but the gameplay is addictive and adds so much to the game. The hack and slash action sequences looks more energetic and premium. Loot system is what lies here where you can farm for different weapons and even golds.

Dead Cells Android is made entirely for the hack and slash fan base where you can simply replay each level. You can develop your character and its skills with so much of different items and currencies. The graphics here are more than creative you will see detailed NPCs and enemies. With your character, you will be able to develop it and make upcoming battles easier. The boss battles are hardest things in here.

Combat is simple and intense.death comes but its a part of the game where you need to retry for the hardest levels possible. You can hack and slash enemies using two weapons and you can upgrade them or get new ones from the dungeons or purchase from the stores using GOLDS.

Get Dead Cells MOD APK Unlimited Gold

The entire gameplay works like kill enemies,collect loots and upgrade your weapons and skills. There are various skills available in the game. each skills sets different elemental attacks and adds so much of its own damages. Its like a Dungeon Crawler but in different style.

Dead Cells APK on Android will make you addictive for its rich contents and gameplay. You have never played such games on your android devices. Dead Cells is a unique action platformer that everyone should try it once.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlocked all DLCs



124 comments on "Dead Cells APK 3.3.15 ORIGIN DLC+MOD Unlimited Money"

  1. Pool says:

    Working on 32 bit devices??? Please answer me

  2. Layla says:

    Hey, where is the mod menu exactly?

  3. YAHOO says:

    Does 2.4.14 have a komodias mod menu? Saddening that their telegram channel went dead

  4. Hero says:

    Onde eu encontro as versões antigas?

  5. Shine says:

    Hey rg. I’ve installed thr game. But only stucked in staging the app. Instead of installing. The game eats my storage. Even though it’s not showing in my phone. How can i fix this?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Its a big let down of APKS files and we can not do anything about it. to Free Up Storage you will need to Reset your phone. its a problem with all the games which comes in APKS file extension

  6. Art says:

    Please update game please 🙏

  7. The Collector says:

    Thanks RG, work well until 5BC gameplay

  8. Aaron says:

    So i posted a comment earlier where i said will the dead cells work on my redmi 8a dual but one more thing if it works how to install it when i go to install it always shows there was a error parsing the package

  9. Aaron says:

    Will this work on redmi 8A dual

  10. Mr.Who says:

    Please add 2.4.7

  11. Does this only works if you have internet connection?? Or is something wrong with what i installed? Thx for answering

  12. Jkchief says:

    Please add 2.4.7 version of game . It’s a big request 🙏

  13. TinjaMan says:

    it’s still 2.4.5

  14. Art says:

    Please RG 2.4.5 is unplayable due to bug it keep crashing. Now it has patch 2.4.7 please upload it.

  15. Muheeb says:

    Thanks for updating the game super fast! But can you release the 2.4.7 update? Because this one (2.4.5) has a lot of bugs and they have been fixed in the recent 2.4.7 update. Thanks again! Also, can you upload a version with no mods, just the ability to install? Because I don’t play with mods, I like to play the original dead cells experience, so if it’s not too much to ask please upload two versions one with the mod menu and one without. Thanksss!!!

  16. anemony says:

    the second level of the game is not working and it keep crashing can you fix this the mod is not properly working

  17. Akira11993 says:

    Hello, first of all thanks for your work, it work pretty well. i’ve alot of fun playing that amazing game.

    Can you please update to the new version ? The Custom mode is finally available :) Thank you very much

  18. Juggernauts says:

    Hey RG, new update has release now, can you upload it?

  19. RandomFish124 says:

    Plz help, I can’t install the game and I don’t have one currently installed.

  20. ripcord says:

    dlc unlocked? additional content is blurred out on mine, how do u unlock it? do i have to finish the game first?.

    • Baddo says:

      The DLCs are already included. If you turn on the internet connection, you will see the additional content got highlighted, and upon entering you will see they are already installed.

  21. xero says:

    Hei rg pliss make only DLC unlock mod , no mod menu plissss

  22. Deimos says:

    I can’t install the game

  23. YAHOO says:

    Komodias mod for this game is real deal! Thanks rg for uploading!

  24. Sava Alexandru says:

    Do you know why I can’t get it to work with the controller? I have Android 11 installed on my phone

  25. Willy says:

    Hey RG in the nest boss level it says error u known skill then it will stuck

  26. EScanor says:

    Game showing failed ro load error please help

  27. zhgn says:

    rg can you upload version 1.70.5 apk without mod menu? i mean the original one

  28. minox says:

    bro is the latest version unlock dlc?
    please help

  29. minox says:

    HI RG!
    Can I save game progress when I update to a new version?

  30. Yede says:

    Hi Rg Why i cant install the apk

  31. Wells says:

    I really wanna play this game but all progress gets lost after you die, you start all over from the very first stage no matter how far you’ve gone, this is total bullshit.

    I hope the developer’s fix this.
    Overall I would rate it a 6/10

    • Abekylo says:

      Bro this is what the game supposed to do. This genre is called rogue like . You still kept you progress buy unlocking new gears. There is countless of this type of game.

      I hope you understand, English isn’t my first language.

  32. Josh says:

    Hello Rg
    Is this a full game? Or not

  33. iyot says:

    hi RG please check google play they released the “EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap Offline” now

  34. slinging slicer says:

    hi rg,
    can i turn off the mod? and how?

  35. Farsalad says:

    Hi RG did mod already exist ? Tq btw im already donwload normal an its working fine ^^

  36. Anonymous says:

    No ulli gold after death

  37. Genesis says:

    You can hack gold, cells and god mode for infinite health with gameguardian

  38. Fachriansyah says:

    Why there is no CONTINUE GAME in this game, just START A NEW GAME??

  39. KKK says:

    When you are dead, no money..


  40. KKK says:

    Hi, add unlimited cells pls
    And Update witj 1.1.11


  41. Ghost999 says:

    Hi, nice job.
    With unlimited cells ?

  42. Humble Jelly says:

    after launch the game, allow storage permission. the a message appear :

    “can not read assest at [res.pak]

    continue, dismiss all, quit”

    ok, i don’t understand whats wrong.

  43. Mvv says:

    You are the thank you pls poste blade of gode

  44. Anonymous says:

    Cannot find asset error. Please fix.

  45. yudi says:

    why no unlimited money? I’ve try but no unlimited money.

  46. Rudra says:

    RG the game is showing an error and closing on my phone. Please fix it.

  47. Karthick says:

    App not installed…

  48. Karthick says:

    Thanks a lot RG

  49. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing modded in the release, please specify what mod you implemented in your release.
    Please dont be like the majority or modders who just add clickbait, you are one of the few who i trust.

  50. Jonatz says:

    1st, thanks rg

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