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Dragonsaga aka Dragon Saga MOD is a side scrolling action RPG game from Funigloo. Fantastic MMO RPG with Anime styled graphics and animations. in the starting of the game you will be asked to choose from 6 different characters. Almost 10 different servers country wise it shows that there are so many players playing this Dragon Saga Mobile Game. Great animation and easy to learn gameplay DragonSaga is way ahead than regular online RPG games.

Dragon Saga MOD APK Download Android Increased Damage God Mode 3.1.4

Gameplay of DragonSaga is simple you will have joystick button to move your character.since its a MOD APK of DragonSaga you will have increased damage so your one attack can kill your enemies. attack and skill buttons to attack. AP is needed when playing stages. Gold will be needed for upgrading equipment. Diamonds will be needed when buying cash items.There is a story book which you can have some sort of idea about the story.

6 Different Classes To Master in DragonSaga MOD APK:-
There are around 6 different classes to choose from. A knight Extremely fit warrior trained in the art of medieval warriors. Equipped with steel armors and weapons. they have strong attacks. 2nd Gladiator They are relying on brute strength and double handed broadswords. They are specialized in DPS attacks. 3rd wizard Equipped with staff and casting mana and healing powers. 4th is warlock they are offensive close range specialists who thrive on the battlefield. 4th Thieves. weak defense but powerful in range and close combats and the final class is Assassin they are incredible agile and with stealth skill honed to perfection,assassins strikes quickly with blades and claws coated with deadliest poisons.


DragonSaga MOD APK is a solid example of side scrolling action RPGs on Android. With a solid storyline, excellent character designs and customization mixed with thrilled gameplay. PVP features are kind of lacking in different modes but if you are looking for complex fast paced side scrolling RPG game then give this game a chance.

What’s In The MOD APK of DragonSaga:-
– Unlimited hp
– Unlimited mp
– no skill CD
– high damage skill
– when equip item will get hp X100

Requires Android: 4.2 and Up

Version: 3.1.4



Download Links:

Instructions: How To Install Dragon Saga MOD on Android:-
Simply install Dragon Saga MOD APK and Download data files directly from game.
Use Facebook Option to save your progress.
If you can not connect to facebook then Uninstall/Disable Facebook App then try to login.

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