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July 29, 2021
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Deep character driven emotional elements in this charming lovable humor which coupled with its intelligent and well balanced gameplay systems makes it one of the best the series has to offer I think much of the credit should be given to Hiroyuki Ito who came back for a second time in the series and for the first time in exclusively as the game’s director either had co-directed Final Fantasy 6 with your classic who had been a protege of psychology and work closely with him in a directorial role on many of the previous games but after playing through Final Fantasy nine I really feel like second country in detail with a better pair Final Fantasy nine takes place in the vast imaginative world called on a continent that has blanketed by a mysterious virulent missed of unknown origin dismissed emanating mythical pernicious and even transformative qualities is also discovered to be an abundant energy source which the more powerful nations put earnest used to facilitate their extravagant civilizations because the continent is vastly mountainous natural barriers created from divisions between these kingdoms the most notable of which are Alexandria to the northeast and Lindblom to the southwest the other came from Misha and Clara are by no means prominent in body more of an isolationist mentality relying instead on a more kicks works for energy the game begins with a group of bandits content Willis under the guise of the traveling theater troupe executing a secret mission issued by the region of limbal to kidnap the princess of Alexandria it’s within these opening moments that were introduced to many of the principal characters in the story the player takes control first of sadam a confident and very capable member of tent was was also the primary peace induction next two players introduced to the CD a young black males with exceptional skill but timid demeanor as he explores Alexandria leading up to the anticipated performance. Final Fantasy nine is my absolute favorite game in the series but I can say that from an objective place of announces and when juxtaposed with the games that came before it it is the best and closest to the ideal Final Fantasy.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Money



10 comments on "FINAL FANTASY IX APK MOD 1.5.3"

  1. Freaksperson says:

    Hey can you upload the newest version? This version already out dated.. i can’t play it

  2. Andi says:

    Ini gamenya modnya apa ya? Apa yang tak terbatas apa gimana

  3. Azmi Sham says:

    I can play on Android 12 now. Tqvm…

  4. Topi says:

    Can you also mod games without including overpowered mods like Unlimited Money?

  5. Amnher says:

    May we request also pixel remaster releases?

  6. Mr.P says:

    Love this game but its not working on my Android 10, just a black screen at start of the game. Hoping you can help me.. Thanks..

    Did wat d instructions told me to do.

  7. JP Palaming says:

    This Game is solid! Waiting to play a for a long time Thank you so much RG!

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