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Finally now we have a entire Half Life 2 line up playable on Android Devices. With Half-Life 2 Episode 2 APK+DATA Now playable on All android devices. Play this amazing PC game on your android devices with its full graphical glory.
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December 28, 2020
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The Half-Life series just continues to impress with each entry in the series. Even when working with episodic content, each episode stands out as both unique and impressive. Maybe that is because Valve continues to take so long in-between each release, so just imagine how good Episode Three will be, if it is ever released. As for the second episode, just like other trilogies, it is the most difficult to design as it doesn’t really have a beginning or an end. It is just stuck in limbo.

Download Half-Life 2 Episode Two APK Supports all Android Devices

Of course this is Half-Life, so you play as everyone’s favorite theoretical physicist, Gordon Freeman. After the cliffhanger events of Episode One, Gordon and Alex are now on the run, trying to escape the Citadel and reunite with the resistance. The story itself adds something that the series has been missing, and that is open land. Instead of being in confined urban settings, you are now outside in nature among the trees, birds, fresh air, and Hunters, the new terrifying enemies that will hunt you down.

The areas are not as linear as before which really changes up the gameplay. You can come up with some of your own strategies, playing with the physics engine, instead of just going through the motions.

Gordon again has his trusty set of weapons, from crowbars to gravity guns. The combat has not seen too many changes, but hey, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it right. You move from one area to another, killing enemies and solving puzzles. Many of the puzzles feel similar, with a lot of them making use of the game’s physics engine.

The game suffers from the same problem as Episode One, in that it is over far too quickly. That is understandable since it is cheap and just an episode, but with the eternal wait for the next Half-Life, I only wish I had more.



Install APK,Place data folder in Android/Obb/

Now Open your Game and select Half-Life Ep2 and select data path. Enjoy


26 comments on "Half-Life 2 Episode Two APK 79"

  1. saku2 says:

    dont work on android 12, the apk say this is a older version. I install but the game path are worng, when I put the correct pat : sdcard/android/obb/ the game lauch but crash and exit

  2. Rrrrzzzzz10 says:

    can i play it without nvidia shield and does it require a gamepad?

  3. Sugeng Marsudianto says:

    can you make metal gear rising revengeance for shield work to all device?

  4. Holy sh*it it’s working!! , thank you guys

  5. Imarsh72 says:

    Hi all, am not able to get these games to run at all on new moto g100 android 11. Made a folder in android/data , ep 2 and portal are recognised so the folder location must be ok. The background image sometimes appears then crashes the. app. Tried booth v78 & v79

    • Royal Gamer says:

      sorry cant do anything for such crashes

    • Kratosng85 says:

      El peoblema no es el juwgo ni el celular. Es android 11 y su sistema de seguridad para aplicaciones “piratas”. Implementa una seguridad extra en aplicaciones no “firmadas”. En cambio otras marcas como xiaomi desabilitan esa “protección”. Espero ser de ayuda.

  6. Shimlamirch says:

    How to change resolution? In v78 there was custom resolution…but now in v79 there’s no custom resolution option..any ideas how to do custom resolution?

  7. Dexter says:

    Half Life 2 Episode 2 not working (all other yes). I have a Samsung S20

    Any idea ?

    • Adam says:

      Hello RG I am facing issues with the oBB file…I place it undee android oBB like the instructions said…and it said to select data path …In the app(Source Engine) I have selected Half life 2 which I downloaded…but there is no data path to select…please help somebody

  8. Khalid says:

    I have downloaded 3 parts of this game (Half life 2, half life 2 eps. one, & half life 2 eps. two.) but I am confused about where to start from the beginning of this game so I can follow the storyline.

  9. avadis99 says:

    Dear RG, has there been any changes for this game since posted as it was not running, if so I will download it again.
    Thank you

  10. Zero7 says:

    I have a problem for all these ported valve games. They all run at solid fps but every sound is echoing and repeating itself like crazy. My device is oneplus 5t adreno 540 android 9. how can i fix sound problem?

  11. avadis99 says:

    Pity that this one is not running, after installing and copying under the root directory, it starts and says loading but than it force shuts down! I even tried copying it under Adnroid/Obb/ but the same, is there a solution PLEASE!

    • Fulgoso says:

      Try out it out of obb folder just put it most outside Folder along with Android, DCIM, music, photos, etc. Just put it outside with them and it will work. Don’t put them on obb folder or any folder inside Android or any just outside because it says (Root folder/0) upon running the emulator.

  12. avadis99 says:

    Dear RJ, you are really great, I will consider this as New Year present :-)
    I have one issue if you can help me, I used to play Space Marshalls 3 which I installed after downloading from this site, but after Android 11, it disappeared completely although the .obb file was there (the data file is not showing anymore), I tried to reinstall it but when I want to install the apk it says “there was a problem parsing the package”, and reinstalling from even googleplay says it is not installed (because I believe it is there and can not be installed again), can you help me in this issue? What can I do?
    Thank you really.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Space marshals 3 is not supported on android 11 yet

      • avadis99 says:

        Actually if it was not, googleplay store would have said so, I believe it is supported as it downloaded, but could not install as the apk already exists on my phone. I will be needing the apk with same signature in order to be able to install it, thank you

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