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Finally Portal PC Game optimized and ported for all android devices.
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NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios
July 5, 2018
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Portal a unique puzzle game set in a first-person perspective that still holds up almost 13 years after its original release. the story goes that an indie dev team called nuclear monkey software were working on a game called narbacular drop with similar gameplay before the team was snatched up by valve software and started working on portal.

Since years of tegra exclusive Portal Game is now available for all android devices and all GPU devices. Portal APK now Supports almost all android devices. you will have a chance to relive epic FPS Puzzle game on your android devices.

Portal APK All Android Devices Support Download version 79

Portal which was eventually released for the PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows in 2007. it’s a puzzle game we’ve got a gun that shoots two types of portals a blue and an orange one. choose the blue one onto one surface and the orange one onto another and they make a doorway in between. it sounds simple on the surface but then you consider the physics depending on the placement of each portal and the directions you’re entering and exiting.


The environmental hazards and puzzles that you’ve also got to solve and the fact that not every surface can conduct a portal I’ve often hurt my head just trying to think how they go about coding all of the stuff.

The story is basic in the sense that there’s not all that much exposition but like half-life 1 and 2 the way it’s told is what’s most engaging. you’re told very little about your character we later find out you’re woman named Chell taking part in the aperture science laboratory’s enrichment center.

You’re basically thrown right into puzzles like some kind of guinea pig as a passive-aggressive AI program named Gladys glide. the game becomes suitably challenging with puzzles requiring reflexes and a basic understanding of the physics of your character. you’ll have to use portals that opposite heights to launch yourself across large gaps. Its now time to revisit this classic pc game on android.



29 comments on "Portal APK 79"

  1. nibir says:

    can you fix borderlands 2 for android like portal

  2. saku2 says:

    can you optimize american mgees alice and No one lives fores 1 an2 for android?

  3. SilverCr0w says:

    Can’t make it work with my xiaomi mi 11

  4. Drakan says:

    I was researching how to fix the bugs of Half-Life 2 and how to add the translation and as a result I found the name of “nillerusr” the creator of the app for Source games.

    1. Download the updated app, this new app unifies the four games (HL2, HL2EP1, HL2EP2, Portal) you can select from the drop-down menu which game you want to start, and it also fixes particle bugs, among other things..:

    2. You need to download all the .obb files of the games you want to play!
    (WARNING: if you want all the games on your mobile you will need 12gb)

    3. Create the “srceng” folder on your device, and copy all the .obb files you have downloaded to:

    4. Run the application and play!

    I have also managed to put the voices and texts in spanish! and it can be done with any language.. but that gives for another “guide” or upload 1gb of voices in spanish to google drive.. and I don’t think many spanish people read this comment. xD

    All thanks to RG, nillerusr, valve, gcfscape, and everything else!

    • Drakan says:

      Ooops I forgot, it is not necessary to download all the files!

      for Half-Life 2 needed:

      for Half-Life 2 Episode 1 needed:

      for Half-Life 2 Episode 2 needed:

      for Portal needed:

    • Hancell Martinez says:

      Thank you!
      For Portal, there is no annoying shining anymore!
      So far so good.

      Now Im thinking twice if I want to buy an nvidia shield.
      Wait, I STILL need 64 bits! lol

    • Christian B says:

      Hola amigo muchas gracias por tu esfuerzo me gustaría poder tener las voces en español en Half life dos y sus secuelas, me podría dar el link y una guía para poner las voces en español!?

    • Christian B says:

      Las voces al español de Half life 2 episodio One y episodio Two has una guía por favor amigo para tenerlos al español!

    • Christian B says:

      No actualicen a Android 11 la apk de source engine deja de funcionar… Se lo logra instalar y abrir, pero al ejecutar el juego se queda en cargando y sale el mensaje de source engine se ha detenido

  5. Drakan says:

    I don’t know why, but the touch screen doesn’t work in Portal, like Half Life 2 in the interface menus.
    Does anyone have a solution for “No such variable” $ bloomamount “exists for material” dev / blurfiltery_nohdr “?
    When I shoot a portal anywhere it emits a big bloom around it and I get a big fps drop.

  6. Satish says:

    Can we expect Nvidia Trine 2 ??
    Also great work RG 👍

  7. Stackr says:

    Pls help me fix glitch orange and blue mist when portal appeared T_T

  8. Soap McTavish says:

    does it work on Redmi Note 8 pro?

  9. Hancell Martinez says:

    Thank you! it worked!
    Finally! I am playing one of those exclusives nvidia shield.

    Can I suggest more games like Contrast? or Trine 2?

  10. Saad says:

    Rg you totally rock i hope to see more of your work in future

  11. Subhrajeet says:

    Plz can you make tomb raider by Nvidia Lightspeed Studios to be compatible in all devices not only shield Tv

    • Nomnom says:

      impossible..as long as the code of the game is still not leak to the public..it cant wvwn be ported to android

    • Subhrajeet says:

      Bro can u make the port for tomb raider by Nvidia Lightspeed Studios to be playable on mobile phones too plz thanks for this game ❤️RG is best

  12. Johnny says:

    This is great! Finally Nintendo switch games on all Android phones. If you can port Tomb raider, metal gear rising revengeance and resident evil 5 you’re the best! Keep up the good work

  13. Rahul Gaud says:

    Please add more games for PC Games Optimized in Android Devices Royal Gamer

  14. Hreg says:

    Amazing! Will try it asap. Do we have any update from the Half Life 2 shooting glitch?

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