Half-Life 2 APK All Devices Support

Half Life 2 is now Finally Supports all Android Devices including Adreno and Mali Devices. Now you can enjoy this highly anticipated PC game on your Android Devices.
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July 5, 2018
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half-life 2 is a long-awaited follow-up to one of the great PC action games of all time and like a big-budget sequel half-life 2 does what it sets out to do. Half Life 2 is Now Finally Supports all Android Devices so you can easily Download Half-Life 2 APK on your Adreno Mali and PowerVr Android Devices.

This is an engaging and technically amazing game and a worthy successor to half-life though nowhere near as groundbreaking. the original half-life was released in 1998 and it was an instant classic thanks to its cinematic gameplay and engrossing story. you played as gordon freeman theoretical physicist caught up fighting an alien invasion from another dimension and at the end of that game.

Download Half-Life 2 APK for All Android Devices

You’re enlisted by the mysterious g-man to work for him half-life 2 picks up an untold number of years after half-life having been away from earth. the g-man deposits you back on the planet to fight the combine a mysterious alien force that has conquered the world once again.

Battle against humanity’s foes armed with the wide array of weapons including the crowbar and the submachine gun. there were also a handful of new weapons in the game including the powerful new gravity gun which can be used in and out of combat.

You’ll have plenty of puzzles to solve many of which take advantage of the game’s new physics engine. half-life 2 does introduce vehicles specifically a high speed buggy and an airboat and these sequences offer an incredible visual rush. the game takes place in a number of interesting locales including city 17 which is a rundown urban center where the combine concentrates the remnants of humanity.

Half-life is populated by so many interesting lifelike characters. the overall story comes off as a bit disappointing if you’re the kind of person who likes questions being answered you’ll most likely be let down a bit by the end of the game as half-life 2 comes off as a middle chapter and a much longer story. the game is also somewhat easy and you can defeat most opponents without too much effort.

Half Life 2 APK is now Finally Playable on All Android Devices.

So if you think who it is possible now? well its now modded to work on all android devices so what you have to do is download Half Life 2 APK+DATA and simply install it like all android games. Install APK and Place data folder in Android/obb/.



100 comments on "Half-Life 2 APK All Devices Support 79"

  1. nerbeats says:

    please fix force close for android 12

  2. Shadeback says:

    Not working on Realme GT, crash after launch.

  3. Fks says:

    I have the same problem

  4. Michael says:

    It is not compatible with android 11.. android 10 below

  5. Helowthear says:

    Game launch and quit after seconds in loading screen before main menu, default path is SDcard/ i changed it to /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/ etc where the files are located.
    Game launched but ctd at the same point . Do i need an SD card to play this and other games or is this just a compatibility issue with galaxy s10 android 11?

  6. qGHOSTRIDERp says:

    Its working for a20s adreno 3gb ram thank you so much ❤RG❤

  7. Lee Shau Fei says:

    How about S21 Ultra 512GB 16GB RAM?Suggestion?

  8. Michael says:

    Not working on sd660 android 10 miui 12 redmi note 7
    It goes back to launch screen and never launches

  9. Michel says:

    Why when I run this apk, it crash?? I cut and paste the HL2 Folder files in SDcard/android/obb/ but it doesn’t work, My cellphone is a Huawei ALE L23

  10. Michael says:

    RG it’s not working on my redmi note 7 sd 660 4gb ram android 10 miui 12
    Takes me back to launch screen

  11. Ronax says:

    Only problem i face in it is the explosion and fire look like long group of yellow lines. Which sone tine cover the whole screen, any fix for that ?

  12. Antonio Ocañas says:

    Is there any solution to this day for that blue, white, etc etc textures???

    • Christian B says:

      No actualicen a Android 11 si no dejará de funcionar la apk del source engine.
      A esperar actualización para ella :’)

  13. Christian B says:

    He estado probando el juego en diferentes calidades gráficas y en todas dan errores gráficos, la fluidez es buena, el audio bien, al momento de recibir daño ya sea por arma o por golpe la pantalla se pone negra, texturas blancas o negras, azules, verdes o amarillas en paredes o objetos
    Aún le falta corregir muchas cosas, pero se agradece de corazón el haberse portiado la versión de nvidia a Android normal!
    A la espera de actualizaciones ,👍👌
    PD: Tengo un Xiaomi Poco f2 pro 8gb de ram, procesador snapdragon 865

  14. Muhammed Rahil K says:

    Please add half life 2 episode 1,2.Tomb raider (2013),Horn

  15. Alex says:

    Next, should be metal gear rising or resident evil

  16. eysi says:

    Its working !!! but i have problem with sound and can i remove or hide the hud button?

  17. TecHHONE says:

    Just missing Doom 3 BFG Edition released for all Android devices 😄
    Ok nope hehe dreaming does not cost.
    Good contribution 👍🏾

  18. avadis99 says:

    Thank you sooooo much for this, you are really great RJ!

  19. Bruhmemememe says:

    ITS Crashing Do Anyone How To fix It? Please Im Begging you

  20. Rahul Gaud says:

    Playable on MiA1 Adreno (TM) 506 Ram 4GB 32GB Rom?

  21. Kunal says:

    Will it work mi 7a

  22. Zack says:

    Its the game, not your phone. I found someone that fix the glitch. https://youtu.be/Hnh6GWXoNNo

  23. Michaeldesanta says:

    Plz port ep1 and ep2

  24. Retro Gamer says:

    Hi RG.. When i saw this posted in Telegram, I was so pumped up & excited that I’ll be able to play HL² on my phone but alas… I got a pop up promt that says that the app was made for an older version of Android & gave me this wierd screen that has ‘Source Engine’ as the header & has these boxes where i have to type some texts in them. What do i do? I’m using Nubia RedMagic 5G.

  25. Somto Oluchi says:

    Hey RG thank you for all the wonderful games do far, i downloaded half life but it can’t seem to launch in my phone. I’m using infinix phone hot 8, 3g ram but when i try to play it will get me back to the place where they told me to launch.
    Is there anything i can do regarding it, please i need your help

  26. Chetan Oswal says:

    Working for Rog phone 2… The issue is with the audio… It seems to be a little disturbing… A little noisy… Also can we hide all those control buttons or at least resize them and place accordingly?

  27. Jak says:

    Hi I am using one plus 8 8gb RAM, Snapdragon 865.

    It crashes after the loading screen.

    Is there a solution

  28. Imad says:

    Black shark 2, it doesn’t work, it says there are no obb files in the directory, although there are! What should I do?

  29. Zadder says:

    Hi I was wondering if you would post the source engine so wr can run any source game with some kind of control customization, that’d be great

  30. Homelander says:

    Ty Sir! Its working ❤

  31. Neimheid says:

    Great. Thanxz

  32. Wade Wilsen says:

    Can you upload borderlands 2 super mario galaxy new super mario bros tomb raider resident evil metal gear resident evil 5 for all devices pls 😁

  33. Nomnom says:

    hey rg..can post best settings for this game..im running snapdragon 845 yet theres some glitches in the game.. specially when the enemy will shoot you .it will turn black for a moment..

  34. fixme says:

    redmi note8 3gb can play

  35. Subhrajeet says:

    How to resize the ui of on screen controls button it’s covering half of the screen but the port is good device redmi note 7 adreno gpu

  36. Ninja says:

    Hey RG, can i play without a controller?

  37. krishanu says:

    when we will get tomb raider 2013 for all devices ?

  38. player1 says:

    RG, Does it require a ccontroller to play???

  39. Percy says:

    Can you port commandos destination berlin any chance???

  40. Danny on Vivo V11 pro? SDM 660 adreno 512 ram 6gb storage 64 gb says:


  41. Unknown says:

    Will it work on Realme 7? (MTK G95)

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Yes it will work fine

    • Hreg says:

      Runs good on my old Snapdragon 820! Sound is OK but I get too that weird black material glitch when shooting an enemy. Is this a new fix/port from the Nvidia Shield android version? Can’t wait for Portal!

      • Royal Gamer says:

        Yes there is a fix to it.
        Write in Console, r_drawparticles 0
        Every time you start the game.

        • Drakan says:

          You can edit “Android\obb\com.nvidia.valvesoftware.halflife2\hl2\cfg\config.cfg” with any text editor, and just add
          r_drawparticles “0”
          Save and play!

          Waiting for Ep1/Ep2!! Sure if you can RG.. :P
          I’m looking a way to put the game in Spanish (with voices), but I don’t have much time with my job :/

  42. Nick says:

    Rg, when shooting enemies or enemies shooting at me, the screen always go black a bit. Is it normal?

  43. Ryan says:

    Can you do multiplayer?

  44. Nabil says:

    Playable on Samsung J7?

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