Machines at War 3 RTS APK MOD Android 1.0.4

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Machines at War 3 RTS APK is the new game from isotope 244 LLC whose previous games include machines that were on blonde ASI welfare which is in fact machines wat to because that’s not confusing at all a result this is the next installment of the series. the game is designed with a fairly nice look to it it kinda reminds me of the command and Conquer series and even despite all the units being absolutely teeny tiny you can for the most part this on the differences between them that being said given the way you select units. it would be more beneficial to the player for the used to have been bigger the two rainy fighting for the most part it’s fairly good but they were so part 2 I’m not overly keen on such as the pinkwater on some other missions.

The low quality shadows in the larger terrain objects stunned RTS you why returns in this game for it is a bit all could be sized particular you’re playing a high-resolution like 1080P or both the mini-map becomes very very small and makes change the camera location a bit fiddly. so if you’re trying to target specific location you may have some trouble.enemy variety is pretty much all but absence from this game because the enemy will always have exactly the same units as you do and even though they were different color when you’ve got a large scale battle going on say about fifty plus units aside. it does become a bit of a cluster close. animation called he’s quite good in this game the newly added infantry units move pretty well and they’ve got a good swimming animation which is quite funny to watch. the air units such as the Apache all well animated genuinely behave like a helicopter would did the ground units this going kind of slide along the ground.

Requires Android: 3.0 and Up

Version: 1.0.4



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Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and Play.

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