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Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast MOD APK has arrived on Andropalace. As all of you are no doubt aware or would be able to guess pretty easily I’m a fan of heavy music like most things I try my best to soak up as much knowledge about rock and metal as I can but you don’t need to know much to know the name Maiden. one of the biggest metal bands on the planet Iron Maiden have a long illustrious career and whatever you think of the music have a hugely identifiable presence base of which because of their mascot Eddie the head Eddie has been many things in his time soldier sci fi mercenary and evil tree and starred in a couple of video games including the first mobile game Maiden Legacy of the Beast MOD APK Hack which will give you One hit kill and GOD MODE.

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast MOD APK Android Download 309935

I am maiden legacy of the beast is a free-to-play turn-based RPG from roadhouse interactive and published by Nodding Frog Ltd. It is a bunch of things that don’t sound like something that spells out fun free to players or but become a swear word. licensed games have always been a suspicious ordeal and worthwhile mobile RPGs are few and far between.

Legacy of the beast MOD APK features a basic story. a top-down map and a plethora of turn-based combat which is the bulk of the game which it pulls off in a surprisingly pleasant way since it’s a game based somewhat upon a band let’s get to talking about the music right away to make sure this review doesn’t get pulled. legacy of the beast boasts a variety of specifically hand-picked live recordings for its soundtrack essentially these are Luke riffs of various maiden songs.

The very simple plot line of Iron Maiden’s legacy of the beast is that somehow the band’s mascot an honorary seventh member edde has fallen through a wormhole one had his soul separated and flung through space and time with the aid of the clairvoyant by his side who does all of talking and explanation and he makes his way through a variety of worlds to get back the missing pieces of himself. chances are most people who play MOD APK legacy of the Beast fans of Iron Maiden and these people won’t be disappointed by the countless references to lyrics and song titles in the story names of chapters and even characters. however being a fan is not integral to enjoying the experience legacy of the beast usually does a good job hitting the fine line between simple and complex it employs a few Paper Mario esque timing exercises with moves and there’s a range of ways to approach battle with basic attacks power attacks Eddie’s transformations and fury attacks.

It’s surprising how deep the management system of the game is to in battle Eddie can be joined by two allies whom are unlocked by transferring soul shards into the book of souls these have a decent range of designs and mastering the use of each attacks and the slight timing differences of those attacks is fun and helps to keep you as the player focused characters fall into specific classes and can be powered up with colored shards. so honestly you don’t need to be a maiden fan to really get it. Maiden Legacy of the Beast MOD APK is an enjoyable RPG game.

What’s In The MOD APK of Maiden Legacy Of The Beast:-
One Hit Kill
God Mode

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 309935



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