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The newly released console version of portal knights now also available on Android as PORTAL KNIGHTS APK MOD. Game has been out for a bit on the PC and PS4 but it’s finally made its way to Android. Its is a game that you should consider portal knight is a sandbox crafting game with action RPG elements. think of it sort of like Minecraft mixed with The Legend of Zelda that’s not the most accurate description but that’s roughly how it feels. you can purchase the game from play store or you can download its free APK+DATA of Portal Knights from Andropalace.

Portal Knights APK MOD Free Download 1.5.2

You can create character and choose from one of three different starting classes. the warrior the Ranger or the mage. gameplay centers around exploring sandbox style islands and creating portals to travel to different islands that feature higher level enemies dungeons and different crafting resources. the islands are randomly generated but they feature various landmarks such as towers houses and NPCs.

The game graphically is nice with a broad color palette and great looking textures. you can choose to explore the world in first or third person. the music in the game is solid enough but it can get a bit repetitive. combat is simple but fun portal knights apk mod utilizes a lock-on mechanic similar to ocarina. you simply press one button to attack and you have the ability to evade enemy attacks you earn experience for defeating enemies. and for completing quests and this experience allows you to level up and invest points into various attributes like agility strength and dexterity.

Portal Knights MOD APK+DATA Free Download Android

Your character also gains access to different talents as you level up these can be things like increased damage with a certain type of weapon or abilities that buff your friends in co-op. speaking of co-op portal knights mod apk not supports for player online co-op. I haven’t had the opportunity to play this game with my friends yet but as much fun as I’m having so whoa I can only imagine the game gets better with a group.

The building and crafting aspects of portal knights APK are really well executed. there are a lot of different weapons armor and other items to craft and I’ve been fully immersed in the grind of getting the materials that I need to make the items that I want. the user interface functions great with the easy customization. portal knights is a great game with a lot of replay-ability and it has some huge potential for some really fun co-op.

Requires Android: 6.0 and Up

Version: 1.5.2



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Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

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