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Experience the full glory of ROME: Total War on Android.
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January 12, 2019
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ROME Total War APK MOD series delivers the epic strategy gameplay that was promised. Released on IOS few months ago this game has finally released on Android. If you like this game then please buy it from the store and support the developers. In order to try out Rome Total War APK+DATA you will have to download the APK+DATA and install it as usual but you will need to play it offline or the game will not work properly.

Download Rome Total War APK MOD Android Free Download

There are basically two different games in Rome total war MOD APK. there’s the overarching turn-based campaign in which you conquer cities and provinces as you expand the size of your empire. Then there are the real time strategy battles where you use tactics and maneuvers to shatter the enemy in combat. The game’s main campaign is You play as one of three powerful Roman families the Julie I the brute AI and the Skippy AI as they each attempt to increase the size and glory of Rome.

One of the big new features of the campaign is a concept of family. each Roman faction is basically one huge family all your generals and governors are from that family so it’s important to try to keep them alive. if for another reason to make sure they live long enough to have children who will grow into the next generation of leaders. Rome total war APK has a new 3d graphics engine which brings the battles to life with thousands of soldiers fighting out in the screen at once.

It’s a visually amazing experience and a huge step up from the battles in earlier total war. the action is gorgeous and you’ll actually see individual soldiers battling for their lives cavalry sliced through lines and yes elephants will trample over everyone in their path. ultimately Rome Total War APK is a deeply satisfying strategy game that can appeal to gamers of all types. if you’re looking for a deep addictive conquer the world style game you can look forward to this game.



53 comments on "ROME Total War APK MOD Android Fully Working 1.10.8RC8"

  1. Gildart says:

    It work on relme c3?

  2. Scare01 says:

    Please bro update to 8RC8.The screen has a bug

  3. Boku says:

    I’ve downloaded this game and managed to play it, but why suddenly the game has a bug like the screen shrinks, my device is redmi not 8 pro

  4. Hari says:

    Bro. I downloaded the file. But the invalid license issue is still there. How to fix that?

  5. Re-chase says:

    Which version did u download bro?

  6. Riches says:

    Current version is 1.10.8RC8
    But in the download page it’s showing 1.10.1RC1
    Which version of this game ua providing?

  7. djokovic the GOAT says:

    actually it worked, I download it to PC, copy paste to obb file in android (Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro) coz there isnt SD filejust an android, and installed apk while data/wifi was off, then started and thats it.I think newer version will not work, liscence is not good.Anyway, THANKS!

  8. Latiell says:

    Rg how about the 10 minute bug? Can you fixed it before i download this game again i hope there is no 10 minute bug pls reply ASAP ferals security sre damn tight but I don’t have money to buy the original game hope you can help me .btw i downloaded this game 5 time before each 1 of them had a 10 minute bug

  9. Gaston says:

    Hola, alguien pudo pasar la verificación de licencia?

  10. BluéBèrry says:

    RG, can you please crack the latest version?

  11. Dinesh S says:

    Can I run in realme 7i

  12. rodney L. kemp says:

    Please fix the screen bug, by the way thank you for the effort in bringing the game to us!

  13. Latiell says:

    Do you have a yt acc. I wanna see if this works and atleast play the game for almost 10 to 15 minutes I wanna see if the device is my problem.

  14. Manji says:

    Hi when I press start I get an error, I have Xiaomi my pad 4, solution?


    Hay que descomprimir .??

  16. Anonymous says:

    Update please 🙏

  17. Storm says:

    Pls. update RG
    Also somehow i can’t get past the license verification thing.

  18. yui says:

    any update for the screen bug after several minutes of gameplay ?

  19. Sam says:

    Is there a patch for the screen glitch cause the screen just starts to go bigger and smaller and it’s annoying lol.

  20. suomynona says:

    Can it be downloaded by a 5.1 android device? Or does it stay above 7.0
    RG i need your reply

  21. Azazel says:

    need new version sir

  22. Arthur M0rgan says:

    I’d be more than thankful if you consider modding the newer versions/DLC’s, or at least the old ones ; so people can play for more than 5 minutes without getting that darn screen crash…
    Thanks anyways,

  23. Ares says:

    RG can you upload rome total war barbarian invasion without license verification?thx

  24. Bruno Pereira says:

    Any Update?

  25. jon says:

    please fix the screen bug

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