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Finally Titan Quest Legendary Edition APK has arrived for android devices. This is a completely overhauled version of Titan Quest Classic game. The Updated and Upgraded Titan Quest Legendary Edition features all DLCs and improved graphics and gameplay. You will have an epic upgrade for your titan quest adventure. If you have not played this PC Classic game yet then its a perfect time to play it.
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Mar 11, 2024
5.0 and up
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Titan Quest Legendary Edition APK is an android mobile RPG game with the theme of ancient war exploration. A classic PC RPG has returned to mobile once again but this time with an amazing remastered experience for the android players. The legendary edition contains all Released DLCs and an upgraded graphics and gameplay. Play now a classic open world RPG on your android devices.

Download Titan Quest Ultimate Edition APK

Titan has escaped from the prison and desperately destroyed the earth. God cannot stop them alone-a hero is needed to lead this epic struggle. Victory or defeat will determine the destiny of mankind. And you, the hero, go to explore the civilizations of ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, Babylon, and ancient China, and fight against legendary creatures and monsters! Overcome thorns and thorns, go through hardships, and become a hero like Archer, Saber, and Caster! Discover the special clues in the game and complete the corresponding tasks to get the legendary artifact.

Features of Titan Quest:-
-Fantasy style RPG game, 3D graphics, realistic details and storytelling and an advanced RPG system.

-A magnificent background, the background of the game is mainly around the Mediterranean Sea, and the story takes place in ancient times.

-The main purpose of the player in the game is to find the ring left by the legendary god of the earth ‘Titan’.

-Rich levels, excellent sound effects, and experience extraordinary musical shock.

-Brand new touch interface in the Titan Quest Legendary Edition

-A huge, open world to explore

-80 different mythological creatures

-All day and night cycle

-More than 60 hours of Gameplay

-Scalable hard mode: the enemy’s level and equipment will be improved based on your abilities

-Discover and explore achievement settings

What's new

Eternal Embers


Use SAI INSTALLER (Available in the play store) to Install APKS file. Simply Install it using SAI Installer and you can play it easily. DLCs are included in the game.



214 comments on "Titan Quest Ultimate Edition APK 3.0.5326"

  1. hey rg update hitman blood money reprisal and gta defitive edition

  2. norman says:

    hey rg update titan quest ultimate edition version 3.0.5326 latest version of march 2024

  3. yakisoba says:

    rg please update latest version 3.0.5305 february 15, 2025 update

  4. ron says:

    crashed on hyper os android 14 please fix it rg

  5. rth says:

    Crash after miui 14 update to hyperos

  6. Drasik29 says:

    Ho pots actualitzar a l’última versió disponible, per favor?

  7. ron says:

    update version 3.0.5183 latest version of titan quest ultimate edition

  8. Ardi says:

    Hi RG. Can you upload Hitman Blood money-Reprisal. Please response

  9. ron says:

    update titan quest ultimate edition, new version 3.0.5172 this is the latest update december 12

  10. Frankz says:

    Hi, RG
    Can you make apk for this game, please 🙏
    I have titan quest legendary edition 2.10, its nice and smooth
    If apks i cant install in my samsung note 10+, i have SAI but nothing to do with it, still license problem came out.

  11. Me says:

    Thank you for your hard work. But sadly, it’s not work for me.
    Tried both SAI and Zarchiver. Game can installed successful but I can’t lauch the game (app crash)

    Ps. S22ultra, game V.3.0.5165 and prior one.

  12. update titan quest ultimate edition, new version 3.0.5165 this is the latest

  13. Miko says:

    RG i use zarchiver app to install TQUE its working i try sai did not work error i try to play it 1st its all work just fine as the old legendary ed. Then i exit game try to play it again when i choose to play its says no wifi need to download game data.

  14. kopl4kb4ng3t says:

    iya bang bisa pas memori hp saya lebih dari 15gb baru bisa di install makasih bang infonya hehehe

  15. kopl4kb4ng3t says:

    pakai zarchiver memang bisa bang saya nyoba gk terjadi apa” loh setelah loading selesai

  16. hey rg please update the gray apk logo of ultimate edition

  17. Decoy says:

    Pake Zarchiver aja instalnya,gpp agak lama yg penting berhasil diinstal

  18. kopl4kb4ng3t says:

    file apks ya… yang apk gk ada kah takut kalo apks game gk terinstall kapasitas memori ilang gk bisa balik padahal game gk ke install

  19. aeron says:

    rg please update 2.10.10 latest version for 2023 no crash in android 12/13 phones

  20. Pierre says:

    Thank you. Good Job Royal Gamer

  21. Ardi says:

    RG my phone 32 bit but in playstore this game compatinel with my phone. And the size of game different from this. Please upload apk that compatibel with 32 bit.

  22. Bonzo says:

    Awesome cheers mate, just use SAI installer make sure not to re sign any apks with other apps just unpack into a new folder then install using SAI installer, if you make changes to any of the apk files you’ll have to delete then re-unpack them, game works fine.

  23. Caplang says:

    The game was successfully installed but the sound missing. How to fix it?

    • Frankz says:

      How you install? Using SAI ?
      How about the certificate? Because i download this game many time, and stilk cant install cause i have nt any certificate

  24. Goodsoul says:

    Hello download through Google drive requires password and download link from mediafire doesn’t work. Please fix and thank you for your work.

  25. Quan says:

    Hi ! Can you re-upload the old 2.10.7 version, since the 2.10.9 is very unstable for my device

  26. Titan Fan says:

    I get certificate error , how to Fix IT ? Oppo 5 G

  27. Robert says:

    INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES: Scanning Failed.: No signature found in package of version 2 or newer for package com.hg.titanquestedition
    I have turn on sign apk.

  28. EbiKatsu says:

    Not working on RN9P, it won’t open.
    Apps closed immediately when i try open it

  29. johnie says:

    can this game install on Huawei matepad?

  30. Landong lamok says:

    Bakit Po Ang rar files pag extract ko puros APK Ang laman at Ang Dami? ..dapat APK +data lang Po Diba?

  31. Owning says:

    App not installed naman po error po..

  32. Undead Heart says:

    -_- just wasted 3GB mobile data I thought it was rar/zip package, my phone memory is not enough to install app from apks package :(

  33. Can you mod this game with unlimited money and health?

    By the way can you mod the game otr off the road so that is possible to see all cards on the map? Or that all cards are already collected??

  34. Quan says:

    Hi ! Could you re-check the Drive link, I cliked download but it said I don’t have permission to access the file.

  35. ROLAND CORREIA says:

    Hello I downloaded this game on your website but it gives installing problem. ( Package dosen’t contain the native code that is compatible with this device CPU ) this is the error message I get and I am not able to install the game. PLEASE solve the problem and notify me.

  36. RxKing says:

    How can I say??? Damn! The team really work hard for us. Its Amazinggg guys!!! Wonderfull. How can’t your enjoying play this game? TQLE 2.10.3 with overall changes is great. More stable, smooth, cool tweak!!, efect is great, graphic is wonderfull! I play again this game from zero, no problem, its ok. I try Haruspex. I try finishing this game again. Dan saya berharap permainan ini dapat berjalan dengan baik sampai akhir. But, before deal with this. Sir,RG ! You the best! you service for US is a LEGENDARY! Thankyou Sir,

    • RxKing says:

      Saya masih bermain di versi 2.10.3 dan seperti nya versi ini masih memiliki bugs. Masih dalam kewajaran, karena untuk menghasilkan versi stabil nya butuh pengamatan dan kerja keras. Contoh : suara yang telat ataupun hilang saat item terjatuh, suara skill yang terkadang hilang. Dan sekarang saya ada di corinth. Tidak ada notifikasi misi monster laut aktif. Selebihnya saya belum menemukan lagi apa kesalahan dari game ini untuk versi 2.10.3
      Untuk penginstalan game saya tidak ada kendala. Saya menggunakan Redmi note 4x mido (x64). Terimakasih.

  37. Shaba says:

    Can this be uploaded with V2 signature for android 11 up. Thanks.

  38. Sergey says:

    Hello. Can you help me out? How much free space is needed? And also, do you know if i can install it on memory card rather than internal phone space?
    I have a honor 8c, vanilla titan quest worked fine, hope i can get legendary edition to work.

  39. KUTU666 says:

    Will you help me find on nubia z11 official firmware without rooting android 7.1 nougat?

  40. KUTU666 says:

    Install start and pop up the table the application stopped working help.

  41. ping g. win says:

    hi, i have previous version. do i need to uninstall it and will it overwrite my game data?

  42. Zag says:

    Hey can you help me…I can’t pick any weapon

  43. Ronnel says:

    I hope its working on my huawei y6p

  44. Ronnel says:

    Hello! RG. This is the one of my favorite game.. But today i cant intall it using my huawei y6p.. No google play store thats why i cant download it. . will you please make a mod. For huawei users like me.. Thank you so much in advance!

  45. Arnold says:

    Lucky for you RG! 😔 Still no luck with my xiaomi phone on Android 11. I think there is something to do with the certificate and the signature eh. Hoping it will be fix in the future update or for the worst… maybe buying it legally 🙄

  46. Arnold says:

    By the way, the last version i had install was 2.10.1. please help me RG

  47. Arnold says:

    Before when i was still on Android 10, I don’t have any problems installing this game. But after i updated my phone into Android 11… Now, i keep getting error saying ‘INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES: Scanning Failed.: No signature found in package of version 2 or newer for package com.hg.titanquestedition’ with sign in apk enabled or not. Please help me how to fix this

  48. Tk says:

    Please help why “app not installed” app not installed failed to allocate 404728815 because only 66428928 allocatable,Ian using sai installer

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