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Finally Titan Quest Legendary Edition APK has arrived for android devices. This is a completely overhauled version of Titan Quest Classic game. The Updated and Upgraded Titan Quest Legendary Edition features all DLCs and improved graphics and gameplay. You will have an epic upgrade for your titan quest adventure. If you have not played this PC Classic game yet then its a perfect time to play it.
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August 23, 2021
5.0 and up
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Titan Quest Legendary Edition APK is an android mobile RPG game with the theme of ancient war exploration. A classic PC RPG has returned to mobile once again but this time with an amazing remastered experience for the android players. The legendary edition contains all Released DLCs and an upgraded graphics and gameplay. Play now a classic open world RPG on your android devices.

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Titan has escaped from the prison and desperately destroyed the earth. God cannot stop them alone-a hero is needed to lead this epic struggle. Victory or defeat will determine the destiny of mankind. And you, the hero, go to explore the civilizations of ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, Babylon, and ancient China, and fight against legendary creatures and monsters! Overcome thorns and thorns, go through hardships, and become a hero like Archer, Saber, and Caster! Discover the special clues in the game and complete the corresponding tasks to get the legendary artifact.

Features of Titan Quest:-
-Fantasy style RPG game, 3D graphics, realistic details and storytelling and an advanced RPG system.

-A magnificent background, the background of the game is mainly around the Mediterranean Sea, and the story takes place in ancient times.

-The main purpose of the player in the game is to find the ring left by the legendary god of the earth ‘Titan’.

-Rich levels, excellent sound effects, and experience extraordinary musical shock.

-Brand new touch interface in the Titan Quest Legendary Edition

-A huge, open world to explore

-80 different mythological creatures

-All day and night cycle

-More than 60 hours of Gameplay

-Scalable hard mode: the enemy’s level and equipment will be improved based on your abilities

-Discover and explore achievement settings

What's new

Made some changes to how the game checks for the DLCs to hopefully prevent having to download/register them manually and having to be online for that
Fixed some dialog problems


Use SAI INSTALLER (Available in the play store) to Install APKS file. Simply Install it using SAI Installer and you can play it easily. DLCs are included in the game.



Download links


For Installing APK File Open the Downloaded "APK" file using Any File Manager you like. Game will be installed in your Phone.

Play Titan Quest Legendary Edition APK 2.10.7 on PC

Play Titan Quest Legendary Edition APK 2.10.7 on PC

172 comments on "Titan Quest Legendary Edition APK 2.10.7"

  1. 7cry says:

    Finaly TQ 2.10 !!! RG!!! you the best!!! thanks sir, permission to download this stuff :)
    TQ 2.9.9 its good !!! and, I Hope this update 2.10 can more stable on my redmi note 4X SD. My internet connection always ready for this :)

  2. Kamil says:

    How to access dlc? Do you need to complete campaign or you can start mission to access dlcs?

  3. britiago says:

    Any solution to play it on a 32bits phone? I do every step right then show a message that its not compatible :(

  4. Jorgeapp says:

    Your mod have unlimited.money?

  5. Luckyme says:

    Is there any way to save progress?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      You can use Titanium Backup which requires Root Access.

    • Nurul Hamidi Annur says:

      Copy file from Android/data/com.hg.titanquestedition before uninstall or rename com.hg.titanquestedition to com.hg.titanquestesition.bak..after reinstall simply put back that folder or rename back..

    • EdyKiller says:

      Copy file /Android/data/com.hg.titanquestedition n put it back after reinstall.

  6. Rígr says:

    When i try to install the game using SAI, it says that the APK file doesn’t contain any certificates

  7. Spence says:

    Thank you RG <3

    Your website is the only one I trust for good quality modded games

  8. Kamil says:

    RG I connect my ps4 controller to my phone open the game but is not working controller :/ Do you know how to fix this?

  9. Soch says:

    hi rg, can i still use the obb from last version?

  10. Pam says:

    Already installed the game,but it will not open,how to fix this?tried every link on your site,do exactly aboit the sai installer,2.9.7 works perfectly,but the latest update dont open,how to fix this rg,?please reply

  11. EdyKiller says:

    Thx rg..this working fine..i copy previous data before uninstall 2.9.6 at “android/data/com.hgtitanquest***” to another folder..then after install 2.9.8 i put it back..so i still can play my previous gameplay

  12. Kamil says:

    WTF why I can’t install the game :/ still saying about certificate :(

  13. Dwknotes says:

    I’ve download the latest apks and install by sai installer,but i fail to install it with or without enable the sign apks option.Pls help

  14. Edy says:

    Hey rg,i already played 2.9.7..can i just install it without uninstall 2.9.7 version?

  15. Genesis says:

    So far so good here, iam playing until max level 85,then playing dlc Ragnarok, no problem at least

  16. Rōrensu says:

    Hello RG. thanks for this game. However when i installed the game, i noticed that the added file size from my storage is a total of 8gb, 4gb from the game section and 4gb from the system storage. Is this normal?

  17. Darkhaze says:

    Sell the yellow colour gears bro, you’ll make good money…

  18. TecHHOnE says:

    Version v2.9.8 came out with “improvements”
    … They can’t be more trolls xD

  19. Khalid Nahshall says:

    After nearly 7 hours downloading the game 2.9.7 ( as I’m here in Yemen bad connection and under siege) I found that they uload new version , can you just upload the new version apk ?

  20. Kamil says:

    Why I can’t install 2.9.7 version it says install parse failed no certificates? I use Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G :/

    • Kamil says:

      I copy what error when failed to install.
      INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES: Scanning Failed.: No signature found in package of version 2 or newer for package com.hg.titanquestedition

      • Royal Gamer says:

        From SAI SETTINGS please enable SIGN APK BEFORE INSTALL. it will work fine

        • Mogos Mihai says:

          RG,i enable “sign before install” stell not work it says is a difrent signature then 2.9,6.

          • Royal Gamer says:

            sorry but Signatures are changed here. 2.9.6 had different signatures. you will have to Fresh install 2.9.7

        • Kamil says:

          I uninstall 2.9.6 and I try install 2.9.7 and nothing work even if I press sign apk :/

          • mogos says:

            I m on lvl 41 if i do a fresh install i will lose all progress so…..idk if i keep com.titanquest file from android/data folder somewere in my phone and when i make a fresh install 2.9.8 maybe,i put it back … ??

  21. TecHHOnE says:

    Please update to the new version 3.0: V \? …..

    haha ok nope .. Thanks!
    It’s Playable 🎮

    • Edgar says:

      RG I tried install 2 versions (2.9.7 and this one 2.10.7) and I always get the error
      “INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES: Scanning Failed.: No signature found in package of version 2 or newer for package com.hg.titanquestedition”
      I checked mark the “sign apps ” before installing in SAI but I always have that error when installing base.apk.
      My phone is TCL 10 plus with android 11, it is 64 bit and I have enough space ..can you help me?

      Good job by the way ! De

  22. alucard_ says:

    what are the mod of this gamea? thanks

  23. Badluck says:

    Help me. I cannot create character and cannot write the name

  24. Major says:

    My game closes every time I use the portal. What can I do?

  25. Mc says:

    Because controller is not supported by Titan Quest so it kills the game this is fix in 2.9.7

  26. sandy says:

    please help. it says not enough space. i have 6gb memory left, how much more do i need?

  27. Kamil says:

    Why when I connect my Phone with ps4 controller game is force closing?

  28. Mc says:

    I hope an update which 2.9.7 it has fix for NPC targeting which is pain on 2.9.6

  29. Robert says:

    Sir help i cant create a name im stock on creating menu

  30. Bry says:

    At lvl3 i can already easily kill the enemy with the cheat of 2,500 strength points. Ahahahha. Love this game.

  31. Bry says:

    Love this game so much! Thanks for the new dlc. I already played the old titan quest back 2019. Thank you so much!

  32. Dankkr says:

    There’s no sound in the game. Anyone facing this problem too?

  33. Rupert says:

    Thank you it is offline but! All DLC are unlocked?

  34. awed says:

    size is only 1.5gb supposedly?
    but I had 5gb free (after downloading the file) and SAI said not enough space?
    How much space do I need?

  35. Kamil says:

    How do I access dlcs? Do I need to progress more in campaign or what?

  36. HOUse says:

    32 bit not work, but in the google store the legendary edition is compatible lol…i need other version but i know this never gonna happen

  37. YAHOO says:

    Are the dlcs unlocked rg?

  38. Drazoor says:

    Don’t works on 32bits system :(

  39. TecHHONE says:

    It doesn’t work for me
    I use the SAI app and it won’t let me install anything, it just sends me an error message

  40. Ynkdope says:

    The problem is it didnt finish installing cause internal storage was full now its stuck and dont know how to delete it since I can found where the file is, so basically I reset my entire phone :(

  41. Ynkdope says:

    Where are the files at?

  42. Nanang says:

    There is no money drops from the monster. How can we purchase gears?

  43. Harold Lim says:

    thanks a lot RG for this game

  44. ando says:

    wtf ????? wher the location of the game files ??? not in obb and data wtf ???? is it hidden 🤔 stupid game devs….

  45. Annoynymous says:

    SAI takes too long to install.

  46. Arnold says:

    Hello RG! I have a question regarding the 2 DLCs within the game,Why everytime I try to click the download it won’t start the download but besides it, it says installed… Does it mean that the DLC is already included in the apk? and No need for us to download it?

  47. Pam says:

    Rg,the immortal throne dlc are the only one purchased,the other two is not purchased

  48. Blue says:

    Is this an installer? Or need to extract

  49. abdoul says:

    Hi is it online or offline game?

  50. Kai says:

    this is soOooOoOoo great!!!

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