Torchlight The Legend Continues MOD APK Android 1.61

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Torchlight The Legend Continues MOD APK is now finally available on Android devices and its in English version as well. Torchlight APK The Legend Continues is a hack and slash dungeon crawler that set out to be a diablo clone but better by former employees of blizzard entertainment runic games with 4 character classes and a tiny singular town you can never leave. this game basically is Diablo in all aspects you hack slash and zap your way through endless hordes of monsters collect treasure and loot and that’s about it. You are downloading Torchlight The Legend Continues MOD APK Hack so your character will have GOD MODE and Increased damage to kill every monster easily.

Torchlight The Legends Continues MOD APK Android 1.61

The town’s ember mine is boiling over with monsters and you’re trying to reach the bottom to root out the evil that dwells there. what is ember you say basically magical crystals and gemstones that can be used either in chant armor or drive someone insane with the whispering of a demon. you can fight said demon and unlock an endless dungeon on the other side of town where you can grind grind grind to your heart’s content being a self-professed. diablo clone there’s no reason for me to rag on torchlight for copying basically every aspect of the franchise that would make for a boring game.

What are the benefits of using Torchlight The Legends Continues MOD on Android.
Well if you are an RPG Hack and slash Android gamer then you must have its freemium model idea about grinding and dragging part where you must play hours and hours to get what you when you use Torchlight The Legend Continues MOD APK you will have unlimited health and increased damage to grind in higher levels to get Unlimited Coins and money easily. this money and gold coins can be used to upgrade your characters.


The game has many armor sets since you can’t track or narrow down where to find any of them the random dungeon with random enemies and random loot prevents this. yes bosses are more likely to drop rare items and certain shopkeepers sometimes have set pieces. but nothing is guaranteed even a hardcore armor collector like me was hard-pressed to finish even one set of torchlight the legend continues armor.

Storyline there are only two types of quests in this game find the thing or kill the thing yeah don’t get me wrong torchlight does exactly what it’s set out to do be a diablo clone but that’s about it. the story is threadbare amounting to a couple of lines of dialogue every half a dozen dungeon floors and your only reward at the end of the story. a hack-and-slash things can also get stuck in walls on occasion nobody’s perfect but for the most part the game runs mechanically fine. it plays well has addictive gameplay and the world is lovingly crafted randomly-generated. this game has no fresh ideas to call its own Torchlight MOD APK has its charms but no identity no flavor to call its own it just feels Hollow it’s just another grindy mediocre dungeon crawler.

What’s In The MOD APK of Torchlight The legends Continues:-
God Mode
Increased Damage

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.61



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Install MOD APK and Play.

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