How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts in A Single Android Phone

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Screenshot_2016-03-15-14-58-23Hello fellow followers and blog readers i have decided to bring something useful information to you guys by writing some tutorials, tips and tricks so you guys can make full out of your Android phones. And believe you are going to love whatever i have planned to post. It’s me RoyalGamer and i will be writing these kinda posts frequently whenever i get spare times so make sure to check Tips and Trick Tag whenever you want to.

This Time i am going to show you how to use two Application Accounts in a single Android phone. you guy have been wanting to use two applications in a single Android phones but what if you can use that single application but with two accounts in there? like you are using a whatsapp and you want to Another number in same whatsapp application, now you can do those things using an Application that requires no Root Permission at all. and that’s Parallel Space-Multi Accounts. using this application you can simply use two accounts in any of the Application of games. like let’s have an example i am playing Clash Of Clans, basically everyone does this time we are more bonded with the clash royale though. you have two accounts in COC or CR and you are changing accounts frequently using your Google IDs it must be tired. but using Parallel Space you can simply switch your game IDs easily.

Simply Get the Parallel Space from play store or from the link down below and install it
Open the APP and select APPLICATION which you want to use
Once you have selected the app, that particular app will appear in the Parallel Space Application
Now what you have to do is just open that Parallel Space and open that application that’s it and you are good to go

Next Big Point about this app is its clean, no advertisements , no IAPs and no adwares at all. Its completely clean and you can trust on it. (I have postmortem-ed this app to know what’s inside and and i dint find suspicious except few bones) so go and use your Two Whatsapp accounts in your single Android phone or switch gaming accounts easily. and yes if you already know about this app then ignore it. It’s not for you. well enjoy it and wait for more tutorials which is coming soon. and yes someday ill write and article regarding how to MOD games too. so stay tuned.

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

App Version: 1.0.3125

PLAY LINK: Parallel Space-Multi Accounts

Download Links:

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