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The amazing simulation game Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator is arrived on android. Now you can start producing wines and feel the rich simulating gameplay all on your android devices. Play it offline and play it to the end without ads and IAPs. The Hundred Days APK is a perfect simulation game for you to play.
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Jun 13, 2022
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The game is created by a winemaker with two passions, one for one wine and the other for video games. Which you can absolutely feel when you’re playing, the developers loving touch. Anyway, running a winery is a lot of work and you have to do it all. From vine to bottle then to the customer. Those are aligned with the three different areas you focus on in the game. It works through cards but it’s not like Hearthstone or “Slay the Spire”.

Download Hundred Days APK Winemaking Simulator on Android Devices

Hundred Days is best when it’s throwing far too many cards at you for you to handle. The game is quite hectic trying to manage them all without missing a beat. It gets even more interesting when you’re running two vineyards at the same time. ?It’s a lot of grapes and a lot of juice to push through the winery! Probably too much if you can’t sell it fast enough. Also cleaning everything in the winery is another bit of upkeep you’ll have to manage. Planning ahead is key and memorizing the pieces helps a lot.

You start with the story mode which is a tutorial with a story. It’s a good way to get the basics and keeps it interesting. Next is endless mode which is exactly what you expect. Start from one vineyard and build up your winery forever. Then there’s a challenge mode with five options to meet certain goals to win. Overall, “Hundred Days” is slightly addicting and I had fun.

Trying to figure out what it takes to make a bottle of good wine and fight all the elements keeps it a challenge. It’s incredibly difficult to make the perfect wine and if the goal of the game was to teach me then it wins.

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  1. Pam says:

    Rg ABANDON SHIP is out now on android..its a great pc game port..please upload

  2. LordV00ldem00rt says:

    Is this really the 1.5.0 version? Because the file name on mediafire is 1.2.6.

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