Legend of Mana APK Patched Full Offline Installation

The HD Remaster of Legend of Mana is finally available to play on android devices. Play this classic MANA Game right from your android devices with its upgraded and remastered Graphics and Gameplay.
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November 26, 2021
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The Legend of the Holy Sword, The Legend of Mana is the fourth game in the series. As a game released in 1999, it has already had a certain idea. This version of the game version has not been specially processed, but the original game content is remastered. The optimization of the game content has been processed in high-definition, so that players will enjoy a remastered version of their classic game.

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The fourth work of the “Legend of Mana” series, “Legend of the Holy Sword”, “Legend of Mana”, was released in Japan in 1999. The HD Remaster version was grandly released after the screen was high-definition, and the background and UI were redrawn.

In the action RPG “Legend of Mana”, you will be the protagonist in the world of “Fa Till”. This work will use a picture book-like picture with fantasy music to describe stories closely related to the theme of the series “Mana”.

The feature of this work is the “Building Memory Places” system. As long as you place crafts named “Holy Relics” on the map, towns, forests and residents will appear, and new stories will unfold. All story development will change as you “build a place of memory”.

Game Features:-

◆High-definition images

The background data and part of the UI have been redrawn, and after supporting HD processing, players can enjoy a more beautiful and exquisite “Legend of Mana” world.


In the HD Remaster version, most of the background music has been re-arranged, and you can switch between the original version and the re-arranged version from the settings.

◆Gallery Mode/Music Mode

You can enjoy the illustrations and game background music drawn at the time of the original release from the options menu at any time.

◆Turn off the function of encountering enemies

Encounters can be turned off, making it easier to explore the maze map.

◆Automatic archive function (automatic archive/archive at any time)

The HD Remaster version supports automatic archiving, and most maps can be archived in the options menu at any time.

◆Huanhuan Adventure

Join the mini game “Huanhuan Adventure”, you can get rare items more easily.


Install APK and Play. (Thanks to KOMODIAS for the Amazing Patched Game)



23 comments on "Legend of Mana APK Patched Full Offline Installation"

  1. J7 says:

    come on, someone upload any obb data for us please. i’ve been waiting for so long :(

  2. Gomori says:

    Sadly, it doesn’t include the additional data files, and since this place is the main source for other APK sites, we won’t see it anytime soon…

  3. Yoga says:

    Is this fully playable ?

  4. ROFL says:

    Nope. Probably gonna stay like this forever 😜

  5. Aaron says:

    Is this game fixed?

  6. Willian says:

    game is asking 1.7gb download file when you try to enter domina.

  7. lekzie says:

    game is asking 1.7gb download file when u try to enter domina
    my internet is around 100mbps
    my phone has 30gb free space

  8. Sog says:

    I thought it was trials mana still good job rg

  9. Damned says:

    Needs to download resource data after leaving home but cannot download.

  10. ROFL says:

    Can’t play, in game ask to download 1.8gb resource data and unable to connect and download. Sad

  11. Conjuring says:

    On domina, need download data, when i choose yes its going error and back to screen


    Extra download load, don’t work

  13. Vala says:

    Cannot download the ressource file inside the game,pls help

  14. AraAra says:

    Not full game data. Require to download 1.8GB and failed.

  15. Joan says:

    Cannot download remaining resource,it says check your connection and storage,im using stable wifi n much storage but still cant download,pls help RG’s

  16. Jesus says:

    Yeess! Now do trials of mana next! (Fingers crossed)

  17. GG says:

    Its not allowing me to download additional files, what to do?

  18. Dejv says:

    It doesnt work

  19. Sir says:

    When pop up to show u must download more file ..mb then i said yes it say download fail even I connect with Wifi ?

  20. Yahiro Mizuchi says:

    YAY! Its finally here.

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