Pokemon Go Cheat to Play and catch pokemon and pokestops from your Home

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Its been a couple of weeks since Pokemon Go came on Android in select regions and this game took internet by storm. so many downloads in few days, record break players, worldwide viral stories about the game and so many more things happened since its launched. Today i am giving a simple trick to play pokemon go from your home and office without going outside. Its simple yet you will get it harder if you do not try it.

Android Rooted Phone (If you wish to do it ask Google, visit XDA or YouTube it)
Installed Xposed (Ask Google, its easy as well, Full tutorial can be found here (How To Install Xposed on Any Android Phone ) Make sure you do Nandroid backup before doing anything so if something bad happens you can easily go back to where you were

Once you have installed Xposed and Framework, Open Xposed App and go to Download section, search Mock Mock Locations and install it, then search Pokemon Go Controls and install it.

Once you have installed both of the Apps go to MODULE section of xposed app and active both apps. (Mock Mock Locations and Pokemon Go Controls) and restart your phone


Now go to your phones settings and click on Locations and select locating method as GPS ONLY

Now Open POKEMON GO CONTROLS APP and Allow Mock Location to Pokemon Controls App

Its Done now use Pokemon Go Controls App and drop that red tick mark to where you want to farm for the pokemons and then open pokemon go and enjoy.

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    Hello. I am a big fan and I would really appreciate a little big city 2 mod.
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