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After a lengthy soft launch period Kill Shot Virus from HotHead Games finally arrived on Android. it’s a zombie game that’s all that matters kill shot virus is available on Android and Apple devices. first up game play an undead killing fashion stating blood splattering first-person shooter zombie massacre. from the start you are thrown into a Dawn of the Dead scenario laughing your way to safety.Its a free to play online FPS game just like other kill shot games and you can not have unlimited money MOD APK just because its an online server sided enjoy kill shot virush zombies MOD APK from andropalace with unlimited ammo and no reload features.

Android MOD APK Download Kill Shot Virus 1.2.0

First off the controls are easy to manage it’s like a rail shooter so walking isn’t an issue just point and shoot making it mindless fun. the game is full of content played through story chapter of a breach mode a sniper mode. they saved this idiot mode join an alliance and continue on for blood and glory and of course what would zombie killing be without making a fashion statement. yep you change your gear upgrade your weapons and shoot more zombies in the face.

The game plays like a blockbuster action movie blows armies to pieces take them out with headshots and watch cool slow-mo killcam. all that’s missing is a bag of popcorn and a date that’s upset you didn’t go to see the latest teen drama eating these are varied and unique fat ones skinny ones tormented ones Hey look a clicker wears draw when you need them anyway. the game is a blast to play although the levels seem to get repetitive the challenge of a three star in a tough takedown was rewarding and fun shotgun blast to the face never got old and slow-mo kill cams are just playing at being all together.

It’s frantic it’s fun and it’s a bloody good time next up graphic like a zombified ps3 took a bite out of your mobile device and created a glorious hi brain. the graphics are top quality the color splat on screen and the models are crisp and detailed you can change the settings however if your device can manage the ultra setting it’s the way to play. sunlight glimmers off objects in Michael Bay fashion and the whole look of the game is alive. watching a zombie get hurled through the air was funny and the Magnificent graphics show in these hilarious moments all together as triple a mobile game goodness.

Finally free playability in this game your wallet won’t come back from the dead yes the prepay ability is the real virus in this game you have your typical purchases of money and gold that can be used to speed up unlocks and upgrade plus the economy in this game is built around it soon enough you will hit a wall here progression is doubled as upgrades are a necessity to continue on. and you can not have Kill shot Virus MOD APK for Unlimited money because its an online further levels on top of this the game is littered with video ads ever so often levels in with 30 second video ads that made you wish you are an undead brainless zombie.

Gameplay of kill shot virus is undead fun,the graphics are gory goodness and the free playability is the real virus it’s no doubt that the game is fun to play and fun to look at however the reminds on its in that model is off-putting and cannot be ignored even so I still found myself blasting zombies with a devilish smile busting through doors with a shock it to the face never got old so if you’re in the markets put it Boris through flesh rotting scum then go for it.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Ammo
No Reload

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.2.0



Download Links:

Install MODDED APK and Play.



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