Shadow Guardian APK MOD Android All Devices Support

Shadow Guardian HD Remastered APK is now supports all android devices and all android screen resolutions. The Remastered version is aimed to work perfectly on any android device.
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Gameloft SE
January 15, 2021
Android 2.2 and Up
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Shadow Guardian APK MOD is another amazing action adventure game from gameloft. Its a classic action offline game and mostly inspired from Uncharted series. Uncharted series is mostly about exploring hidden worlds and finding artifacts. Shadow Guardian APK MOD will remind you of playing Uncharted game on your Android phone. Released back in 2011 its now finally remastered to work on latest android devices including Android 9.0 pie.

Download Shadow Guardian APK HD MOD Supports All Android Devices

in this exciting game Shadow Guardian HD APK on Android, you have to go in search of an ancient relic with extraordinary power. This special relic gives unlimited power to its owner. Naturally, such a thing cannot but interest the villains of this world. And now a group of dangerous mercenaries hurries to find this amazing artifact and use its power. And in order to prevent this, a new hero, Jason Call, is sent to find her. Here instead of natthan drake you will be playing as Jason Call. It is he, and no one else, who will have to save humanity from the dangerous influence of Prima Materia. That’s just the mercenaries are on the heels, so you have to hurry. And the path is not close – the Egyptian ruins, temples under the water, as well as the plains of Antarctica. The dangers are not small, but the goal is more important than ever. So feel free to go on the road and let the lucky star help you!

Gameplay of Shadow Guardian APK MOD is mostly inspired from Tomb Raider and Uncharted series. You will be using acrobatic jumps,hanging from the cliffs and walls,using ropes etc. Its a third person action adventure title and released back in 2011 so do not mind if you find it harder to control your game. Shadow Guardian HD APK is surely an amazing and classic game which will be surely remembered among Android’s gold era games.



Install APK,Place “Gameloft” folder in Root of your phones SDCard or Internal Storage and Play.



32 comments on "Shadow Guardian APK MOD Android All Devices Support"

  1. Emmy says:

    Will it work on Android version 12

  2. Lyew says:

    It’s not working on my redmi note 5 my Android version is 8.1.0 please fix it

  3. Mosco says:

    Is there a way to make it work on andriod 12

  4. Mosco says:

    I tried it on android 12 it’s not working for me where will I place the gameloft file cos its not working on my root folder

  5. joni says:

    the required 1mb cannot be download, can you fix this? thanks anyway

  6. Rohit Patidar says:

    Bro I need Password for Extracting zip file
    Pls tell me password

  7. LoganPlate says:

    Android 11 support, please!… I NEED play this game. Thanks RG!

  8. Julio Cesar says:

    No me funciona en Android 11, Mi 10…

  9. Manish says:

    Not Working in Android 11 (Redmi Note 9 Pro)

    I copied the Gameloft folder in both the Root folders
    Internal Storage and SD
    but it is not working in Either of them
    asks me to download something ,. when I tapped YES, the pop up comes again….

    Any Solutions?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      It should be like this Gameloft/Games/GL****

      • Manish says:

        Did that as you said Gameloft/Games/GL/***
        It says
        “A problem occurred and download could not be completed successfully. Do you want to restart download?”

        I tap yes and nothing happens
        I Tap no and the app closes

        Man I so wanted to play uncharted mobile. Wish something could be done

  10. Zarif says:

    RG, the game only allows to till level 7, can’t I play rest of the levels?
    Story line is not finishe, but no more level showed up in the menu……

  11. Zarif says:

    Apk and Data is not connecting even if I place the folder as directed….. what should I do, man?

  12. KC says:

    Rg it will work on android 10? powerVR GPU

  13. Anonymous says:

    the game work even on android 10 and in full screen mode. well done !!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Will this run on android 6.1

  15. Subhrajeet says:

    Most of the remastered games are written upto android 9.0. Will it work in android 9 or not plz tell

  16. Sifat says:

    This game file is nat availableon any server..please fixed it RG

  17. Chetan Oswal says:

    Game is nice, but same problem. Not suitable for Asus ROG phone 2.

  18. ayman says:

    wooow man u’r amazing .
    Thank you …

  19. jonas says:

    Hey rg, update the download links please specially mediafire, mega or zippyshare. Thanks.

  20. fr34k says:

    It doesn’t work. After opening it says “The game requires additional data (1MB) to run on your phone. Do you want to launch the Download now ?” and then it just doesn’t open. Is there any fix to this ?

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