Star Wars Rivals MOD APK Android Download 6.0.2

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This is a brand new MOD APK game called Star Wars rivals MOD APK which is being currently developed directly by Lucasfilm and Disney. Its still in soft launch beta if you live in Australia then you can simply download this game from the play store. if not then you will have to download Star Wars Rivals APK MOD with Data files from andropalace. this game is new it is going to be launched globally sometime in the future but this game has been out for less than 4 days.

Star Wars Rivals started playing it played through the tutorial so I’ve played it for about 20 minutes and all I can figure out right now is that there are two game modes. first is campaign mode where you can kill some mobs and other is arena mode to play against real players in PVP. star wars rival is an online game and its gameplay is almost same like any other cover based games where you can hide behind cover to dodge bullets and then continue firing from the cover.

What are the benefits of Star Wars Rival MOD APK

Since its an online game so MOD for Unlimited money is not possible. but you can still use One hit kill and no weapon overheating MOD to clear campaign mode easily. doing so will give you lots of cards to upgrade your characters and weapons. so use star wars MOD APK wisely.

Gameplay of Star wars Rivals is not that genuine of new. its a cover based game just like COVER FIRE ANDROID. enemies will be standing in front of you hiding by the cover and you just have to shoot them. their health bar is on top of them. you just have to bring it to 0. game plays well and graphics looks amazing. different weapons and their fire powers it feels good to shoot enemies. there is a overheat feature it means your gun will be overheated if you keep firing. since its a Star Wars Rivals MOD APK your guns will have no overheat problem and you can kill all the enemies in on hit kill.

It feels so nice and refreshing to get a new Star Wars game. looks like there’s going to be some kickass fighting in pvp mode against skilled players. There is a Rivals Fighting MODE i have played some but it does not look like i was playing with the real players. they are were bots i think. Its fine as long as you get good rewards in both of the modes and since its a beta game star wars rivals APK we will see new games modes and content updates very soon.

What’s In The MOD APK of Star Wars Rivals:-
NO Skill Cooldown

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 6.0.2



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Install MOD APK,and Play.

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