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Ride Out Heroes APK MOD is the first beta test game just available for the battle royale fans. RideOutHeroes APK is mainly focuses its core gameplay like Real Royale. Its a Multi-Heroes and multi-class online battle royale game from NetEase. They have been making copy of famous games since ages and they have mastered in it. Right Now Realm Royale is on their target and RideOutHeroes APK MOD is definitely their latest AAA title based on 100 players PVP Battle Royale Games.

Download Ride Out Heroes APK Android

RPG kinda Battle Royale Game and the first of its kind on Android. we already have Realm Royale on PC but its similar experience is now available on Android as Ride Out Heroes MOD APK. It’s a brand new experience with 100 players battle royale gameplay in 3D Fantasy world. Vivid colorful 3D World with different terrains and atmosphere. Innovative elements and Unique heroes and their skills, just like MOBA RPG Games here you will have different heroes and their different skill sets, it is up to you to set the best skills and master them. You can also use your Dinosaur mount to ride in the circle. Use mele weapons or use advanced weapons its all up to you.

There are five heroes available in the beta stage of RideOutHeroes APK MOD. Choose your best suitable hero and their skill sets. you can freely try them out all since its still in beta stage. remember its a close beta and your save will be wiped when beta is over. An amazing open world settings where you can live fantasy lives with your friends and family. great variety of weapons and different hide outs to use your strategic fight against your enemies.

You can Summon dinosaurs (In Realm Royale its horse) as your mounts and ride them whenever you want. Being KO’d is not the end. When you are knocked down you will be turned in to dinosaur or objects so that you can run from your enemies. if you stay alive for 30 seconds then you will be revived automatically. Its a unique brand new experience for all battle royale fans. so if you like to try something new this weekend then RideOutHeroes APK MOD is an amazing choice.

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.400001.339125



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Install APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play.

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